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Artists loves how people react to work
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Christina L. Mansfield, center, poses with one of her paintings at Brewton-Parker College and two campus administrators, assistant campus director Felicia Jemison and campus director Chris Jeancake. - photo by Photo by Hollie Moore Barnidge
Name: Christina L. Mansfield

Age: 28

Family: Mom, dad and a younger brother.

Education: Mansfield is a full-time student at Brewton-Parker College in Flemington, majoring in psychology. “Afterward, I’m going to pursue a master’s degree in physician’s assistance. I’m anticipating going to medical school after I graduate next year,” she said.

Where are you from: “Germany, originally. I moved to the states in 1986. My father was in the military and we did a lot of traveling.”

What’s your hobby?
“Painting and photography has been a hobby for me for many years. I’ve taken it to the next level because people enjoy it. I kept it at home, private, but once I brought it out of privacy, I got good remarks. So, I decided to bring it to the public more. Afterward, I got the great idea to combine it with my interest in psychology.”

How did you get the idea to combine your two passions, art and psychology? “My professor, Dr. Hatcher, suggested art therapy, which stimulates the mind and allows people to be interactive and get in touch with creativity. I found out they have a program at a mental rehabilitation facility hospital north of Hinesville, so I started working with them.”

When did you start to publicly exhibit your art?
“November 2008 was my first time presenting art and photos to the public.” Mansfield also had her work displayed at the Old Liberty County Jail Museum in February.

How did you come across the opportunity to show your work at the jail? “I bumped into Vicki Davis (director of the Hinesville Downtown Development Authority) and she saw my pictures and blogs that I had posted online. Leah Poole (chairwoman of the Hinesville Area Arts Council) also said, ‘We need to tap into your talent!’ The combination of comments from all the people made me think I should present my art. Vicki asked if I wanted to be part of the tourism task force, which led to my exhibit at the museum.”

Which do you like better, painting or photography? “I love them both. However, I engage in wildlife photography more because it gives me the chance to capture the beautiful mirror-like duplication. It’s not just the knowledge and respect for animals themselves but also for local conditions, be it the weather, geology or geography that dictates the movements and behavior of animals. That really makes the difference in getting yourself and your camera in the right place at the right time to capture the image for posterity. I love painting too, it gives me the chance to use my hands, heart and mind.”
What’s your inspiration? “My inspiration for nature photography and art is nature itself. Nature inspires me, brings peace and shows us things that can never be physically duplicated by humans. In addition, I’ve been inspired by being a part of the Hinesville Area Arts Council; the supportive and wonderful words from my mother, author and designer Angela Mansfield; my professors, Shirley Farrell, Susan Kinsella and Johnny Cusimano.”

How old were you when you got into art?
“About 3. My mom recovered this old German phone book which she had been saving and I had drawn all over it. I basically drew everything I interacted with.”

With being such a creative, artistic person, how did you get into medicine? “I think it comes from my love of caring for both people and the environment.”

What do you like best about being an artist?
“The response I get from people.”

What’s your least favorite part? “Not being able to take all the opportunities because I am busy. I would love to branch out even more, so I might get an assistant or manager.”

Where can we next see your work?
“I’m donating a piece of artwork to the Union Mission in Savannah. They work with the homeless, giving them shelter, getting them jobs and helping them. I thought this organization is something I’d be honored to donate to. In addition, I’m in the works of displaying artwork at a few hospitals in Georgia. Also on Aug. 21, 2009, I’m going to have a small exhibit with six large-scale paintings and Brewton-Parker College.”
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