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Best things: Baseball superstitions
Eric Wells - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
Tiger baseball player Eric Wells had a great game on the mound in Bradwell’s 7-5 comeback win against Brantley County on Monday night. The junior threw 87 pitches and had no walks against him. Many baseball players on lucky streaks have superstitious habits and Wells recently shared five of his own.
• Don’t step on the line before a game.
• Don’t talk to the opposing team. “Seriously, we don’t speak with them.”
• The rally cap. “Whenever you get a rally going and you want to keep it going, you put on your baseball hat inside out.”
• “Or if you are facing two outs and want to continue the rally, you rub the brim of the hat with two fingers,” he said.
• Wells said if a pitcher is facing a two-two count, players put up the first two fingers of each hand and shake them back and forth.
Fortunately for us, Wells is not like some superstitious players who wear the same socks throughout the season.
“I wash my socks,” he said.
In addition, the athlete said players will usually gear up for a game by listening to their favorite tunes on an iPod. To get psyched up for a slugfest, Wells said he listens to Lil Wayne, his absolute favorite, Boys Like Girls, Mayday Parade, All Time Low and Little Bootsy.
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