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Best things: Count holiday calories
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Janeen Hill, an attorney from Virginia, enjoys the holidays as much as anyone, but she’s also mindful of her health. Hill recently shared her techniques for making it through the holiday parties while keeping her calorie count within normal range.
 1. Cut back: “This year, I am definitely going to be cutting back,” Hill said. “The key for me will be moderation. I won’t be stacking up the plate too high.”
 2. Don’t forget to get some movement in: “I think they say you should have at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily. I would suggest doing some extra housework or getting outside and doing some lawn work. I started my workout plan today,” she said. 
 3. Try lower fat alternatives: “Use healthier options like smoked turkey wings instead of salt pork or pork neck bones for seasoning your favorite family dishes,” Hill said.
 4. No alcoholic beverages: “Cocktails and beer have a lot of sugar and give you loads of wasted calories. I would suggest drinking a glass of red wine.”
 5. Start now: “There is no need to wait until New Year’s. Start before the holidays and get ahead of yourself if you haven’t starting working out already,” Hill said. “If you have, keep at it. Don’t let the holidays slow you down. It’s easy to reverse a year’s worth of hard work in just a matter of days.”

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