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Best things: Enjoying Bible school
Tommy McKnight - photo by Photo by Denise Etheridge
Hinesville resident Tommy McKnight, 11, has been attending vacation Bible school at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Hinesville for “practically” his whole life.
“I started VBS when I was 4,” Tommy said. “This is my first year as a crew chief. I help the kids in my group and some crew chiefs help out with some of the stations.”
 Each station has a different game or activity and the crew chiefs, older school-age children who have attended VBS for years, assist the teachers, he explained.
“Our theme this year is ‘high seas expedition,’” Tommy said, sporting a white sailor hat.
These are Tommy’s five favorite things about vacation Bible school:
1. Playing the games. Tommy said summer “can be boring” and VBS keeps him occupied.
2. Helping the younger children in his group. “They kind of look up to me. I have to set a good example,” Tommy said.
3. Snack time. “Yesterday, we had ‘surf-n-snakes,’” he said. The recipe includes blue gelatin for the ocean, whipped cream for the foam on the waves, graham crackers for the dessert and a gummy worm to represent the snake that bit St. Paul.
4. Crafts. “We glue stuff together and put beads on string — stuff like that,” Tommy said.
5. Being able to meet new people every year. “Every year there’s somebody new,” he said.
Tommy is the son of Lillian and Andy Gray and the grandson of Arline Thomas. He will attend Midway Middle School in August.
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