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Best things: What to do when it rains
Olivia Coleman - photo by Photo provided.
Weekend storms dropped several inches of rain on Liberty County — as much as 4 inches in western areas of the county. But precipitation isn’t necessarily a bad thing — just ask Hinesville resident Olivia Coleman, 31, who recently talked with the Courier about why rain makes her happy.
• “I love the way the rain just naturally cools down the atmosphere. It’s always hot ... but when it rains, we get some relief from the heat,” she said.
• “It’s always a good time to watch a movie. You can just stay inside, get cozy on the couch and just relax. The rain is very relaxing,” Coleman said.
• “I also enjoy cleaning my house when it rains. It’s nice just to be able to open up the windows, let some fresh air in and clean.”
• “Most people may find this unusual, but sometimes —as long as it’s not far — I like to go for drives in the rain. I like to turn on the radio and just enjoy the ride,” she said.
• “The sound of rain drops is very relaxing. Most of the time, when I am at home and it’s raining, I will go sit on my patio and just enjoy the sounds of droplets hitting the ground,” Coleman said.
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