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Cassandra "KoKo" Dillon
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PublishAmerica has put out "Life Experiences: From Where I'm Standing" by Cassandra "KoKo" Dillon of Hinesville.
The publisher says the book "is about the honesty and truth of life's stories and events - the unexpected, the anger, the frustrations, the ups and downs. It takes you on a walk down memory lane through topics such as the war in Iraq, prejudice in the United States, and the downfalls of schools. It also encourages you to be honest with yourself and  define who you are. Cassandra Dillon writes with boldness, bitterness and inspiration."
Dillon's works have been featured in "A Celebration of Poets, America at the Millennium-The Best Poems and Poets of the 20th Century" and other media outlets. She also has a music publishing business (CD Music Publishing/Entertainment) to help singing artists break into the music industry. She was born in 1971 in Covington, La.
PublishAmerica says it is a traditional publishing company with a primary goal of promoting the works of new writers. It does not charge  the author fees, but others in the publishing industry say it is set up much like a publish on demand vanity press.
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