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Deejay runs cycle club, business, sound board
Faces and Places
Lissette Flores, aka DJ L’ Boogie, sits at the mixing board in WOAH 106.3’s radio studio on Highway 196 in Hinesville. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon

Name: Lissette Flores aka DJ L’ Boogie

Age: 40

Background: Puerto Rican and Cuban descent

Occupation: On-air personality for Hinesville’s home of Hip Hop, WOAH 106.3; entrepreneur (owner of Jus Musik Inc. DJ services, LBF Tax Services; president of a nonprofit group called Sistaz With Vizionz Motorcycle Club) and community activist.

Children: Mother of four children Omar, PJ, William and Thomas. William and Thomas are twins.
“I’m proud to say William and Thomas are going to West Point with full scholarships,” Flores said.

When can we hear you on the radio?
DJ Boogie is heard on the airwaves Monday through Friday from 12-6 p.m. on Hinesville’s WOAH 106.3FM. In April she celebrated 11 years as a DJ and on July 4 will celebrate 11 years on the air.
She said she got a lucky break allowing her to go on the air.
“I was just blessed with it,” she said.

What made you decide to start a female motorcycle club?
“Motorcycle clubs are coming up like flowers nowadays here in Liberty County,” she said. “I’m a better leader but not a very good follower so I started my own.”
She said she enjoys the tight knit community of motorcycle enthusiasts. Flores already had a nonprofit organization and she merged it into her newly formed company.
“I already had a nonprofit called Visions, the motto being Visions-Making dreams into reality,” she said. “And what we did was form a group called Sistaz With Vizionz Motorcycle Club. It’s purposely spelled differently with the Z’s. It’s basically five ladies, all professional women; we’re all mothers, all of us are out there busting our backsides making sure that everybody is taken care of. We want to help the children. That’s our biggest goal.”

What other projects are you working on?
“I got together with the owner of Revolutions night club and started a weekly bike and car night every Wednesday,” she said. “We wanted to bring the bike and the car club community together because they love riding and we love riding and whether it is four wheels or two wheels we all just want to come together.”
The event is every Wednesday from 6-9 p.m. and offers the bikers and car enthusiasts a safe location off the road to show off their skills and vehicles.
“The motorcyclists play games like the slow roll and the weenie limbo,” she said. “It’s just safe rides you can do in the parking lot without a lot of problems.”

What can you tell me about the bike community?
“The bike community is huge,” Flores said.
Flores said the Hinesville Motorcycle Club Alliance has 11 clubs. She said she has the smallest with five members.
“If you give, you are going to get back,” explaining clubs in Liberty County are loyal to local businesses and willing to give back to a community who also support them.

What is your driving force?
“Making my dreams into reality,” she said. “My dream is to try and change something in this world before I leave it. And I feel I impact somebody’s life every day just as they impact my life. Just making somebody smile, I feel like I’ve accomplished something because in this day and age ... a smile, a laugh goes a long way.”

How can the community help?
“We are looking for different organizations to donate items for our community projects and scholarship funds,” she said. “Anyone willing to help can call me at 572-6030.”

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