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Ice cream shop manager has the scoop
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Baskin-Robbins manager Sandra Branch has been scooping up cold, sweet treats in Hinesville for 22 years. - photo by Photo by Alena Parker.
Name: Sandra Branch


Occupation: Manager of the Hinesville Baskin-Robbins for 22 years.


What’s your busiest time of year? The summer rush begins in March and usually lasts until school starts. "We’re still busy all year, [but] that’s our biggest selling time," Branch said.

July is actually National Ice Cream Month and this Sunday is National Ice Cream Day.

Why do you think people like ice cream so much? "I guess because ice cream is just something that’s fun for everybody."

However, the cold confection is no fun for the veteran scooper, who doesn’t eat it.

"I’m allergic to milk," Branch said.


What is the funniest thing that happens in an ice cream shop? Do you see a lot of dropped scoops? "That’s not funny because that gets them upset. Of course, we always replace it if they drop it, but still, it’s upsetting to kids. Just watching the kids come in and try to decide which flavor they want."

Branch said indecisive customers ask for help a lot, but she’s not quick with recommendations.

"But what I like is not necessarily what they’re going to like."

Danielle Harris also works the counter with Branch.

"I think the funniest thing is when a kid picks out an ice cream and it’s something funky like coffee-flavored ice cream … and they taste it and they get that really puckered look on their face," Harris said.


What kind of people mostly like come in? Is it just kids? "All ages. We have the senior citizens that come in. We have preschoolers, daycare centers."


What is the most popular flavor? "Believe it or not, the most popular one that we sell the most of is plain vanilla. I guess second to that would probably be pralines and cream."


How has ice cream changed over the years? "A lot of it is, of course, they’ve gotten rid of the trans fats, which is a biggie. But they’re doing a lot of the light, low-calorie, low-fat kind of [flavors]."


What do you most like about your job? "Well, I like seeing and meeting different people and interacting with people who are enjoying what they’re doing."

Branch has some regulars who come in and she can get started on their orders without them having to tell her.


What do you least like about your job? Does it get really cold? "Believe it or not, it doesn’t. We don’t even have a heater in this building … all the machines give off so much heat that it stays [comfortable]."

But she admitted it gets nippy when the freezers have to be cleaned out.

"There isn’t much that I don’t like about it," Branch said.


How did you get involved in this job? "Actually, I’m a cake decorator too. That’s how I got in the job."

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