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Local's daughter gets dream duty
Known as “Smyrna” in ancient times, the city of Izmir is now one of Turkey’s major seaports. - photo by Senior Airman Christopher Griffin
IZMIR AIR BASE, Turkey — Army Spec. Rachael D. Nolan, daughter of Cornelius R. Wilson of Hinesville, said living in the third-largest city in Turkey is like a dream come true.
Nolan is assigned to the 425th Air Base Squadron. Considered a remote assignment, this 12-month tour is still tops on the list of the best tours of duty the military has to offer.
Nolan and the other men and women assigned to Izmir, are responsible for providing support to the U.S. personnel at NATO, the U.S. Embassy, and the office of Defense Cooperation. As a geographically separated unit, various base facilities are spread out throughout the city, making work and living arrangements quite challenging. Service members are required to live in houses or high-rise apartments “on the economy” and must wear civilian clothes during duty hours or change into their uniforms when they arrive at their duty location.
“I work at the NATO help desk where I assist people with their computer issues,” Nolan said.
Although there are relatively few service members assigned to Izmir, Nolan, and the others play a vital role in making sure that the mission here is carried out successfully.
“My mission is very important because it ensures that NATO personnel have working software and hardware in order to complete their mission,” said Nolan, who graduated in 2001 from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.
Known as “Smyrna” in ancient times, Izmir is one of Turkey’s major seaports. With its sandy beaches stretching along the Aegean Sea, a major outlet for a rich agricultural region, and a cultural history, dating back to the third millennium B.C., there are plenty of reasons for Nolan to get out and become involved with the people and experience the food and everything else Turkey has to offer during her time here.
“Turkey is awesome! There is plenty of history to see here,” Nolan said. “The beaches are awesome and the people are great too.”
Although the time spent at Izmir is short compared with most assignments, Nolan and the others must leave this small piece of paradise at the end of their 12-month tour.
“I have been in the military for six years and I plan on reenlisting in November,” Nolan said. “My assignment here will be over in January 2011.”
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