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Psychic happy to offer insight
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Mrs. Theresa does palm and tarot readings from her home office. - photo by Photo by Hollie Moore Barnidge
Name: Kathy Marks goes by Mrs. Theresa professionally.

Occupation/hobby: Psychic. Mrs. Theresa does palm and tarot card readings from her home office.

How much do you charge per reading? $25-$30 per session.

Where are you from? Mrs. Theresa is from Vidalia, but her ancestors are Greek.

How long have you known you have psychic abilities?
“Oh, gosh, it started in high school. It’s not something you learn, it’s a gift. My mom had it, so I get it from her. She was looking for signs and told me don’t be afraid of it. So, it wasn’t so much me looking for it, my mom did.”

How did you get your business started?
“When people know you have the gift, it starts by word of mouth.” Mrs. Theresa said friends and neighbors would hear of her ability through the grapevine and ask her questions about their lives and futures.
“It’s not for financial purposes. It’s a hobby I enjoy and I feel I can be insightful for others as well.”

Do you have children and do any of them share your psychic abilities? Mrs. Theresa has two adult sons and a 15-year-old daughter. “My sons are grown and they don’t have the gift. My daughter is 15 and she doesn’t really seem to have it. We’ll see.”

Could the gift skip a generation?
“It’s possible, sure.”

How many clients do you see a week? “A few a week. Some weeks more, some weeks less. I see more especially during deployments. Wives want to know if their husbands will get home safe. Soldiers want to know if their wives have been faithful. I see people from all different walks of life, from housewives to businessmen.”

What common questions do you hear from clients?
“Will I be rich? Lots want lottery numbers, but it’s not about lottery numbers. It’s toning in on you. It gives insight on you.”

How do you do a reading? Mrs. Theresa does healing crystal readings, palm readings and tarot card readings. “I don’t read tarot cards by how they’re taught,” she said. “I read them from the vibration of each client.”

What’s your favorite part of your job?
“Giving people insight. Assuring someone who is upset. When someone returns and says ‘you were exactly right.’ Or when you tell someone something and it comes to pass.”

How often do clients return to thank you for your correct readings?
“Two to three times a year.”

What’s your least favorite part? “Telling someone of an infidelity or something they don’t want to hear.”

Can you use your ability to help yourself or your family?
“No, I don’t see or feel anything for myself or my family. I’m too close to the situation.”

Do you enjoy being psychic or would you say it’s a burden?
“No, I won’t say it has been a burden. I enjoy it very much. I’m grateful to have the gift.”
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