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Christmas in Southeast Georgia, oh what fun
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Yes, it is Christmas time again - a time of fun in the sun, swatting gnats at dusk, and running around in shorts and T-shirts. Wait a minute … I said Christmas, right?
Well, I guess in southeast Georgia these are the signs of Christmas. Of course, all of that could change in a heartbeat. You could wake up one morning and it is suddenly cold, rainy, gloomy and windy.  
Yes, the weather this time of year can be like a great game of hide-and-seek meets Russian roulette. You eagerly get up before dawn to go pick up your copy of the Coastal Courier sporting your shorts and a T-shirt and you may be just fine. But some mornings may suddenly surprise you. You are suddenly caught outside, running for your life like a sprinter in the Polar Bear Club trying to keep his bare feet from sticking to the frosty grass.
But yes, that is Christmas in southeast Georgia.  
In Liberty County, people are trying to get all their shopping done locally. Yes, we’ve all seen each other at Wal-Mart. Many of us, these days, try to shop online … if we have planned far enough ahead to allow for the longer shipping times. But it always boils down to having to bite the bullet and drive into Savannah in our fully armored, Christmas road-rage-repulsing, SUVs and trucks built for urban shopping assaults and traffic jams.
But yes, that is Christmas in southeast Georgia.
There are Christmas parties, galas, dinners, openings and closings, pageants, recitals, tournaments, specials, extended, reduced and special hours, along with our semi-normal daily routines. But all of this seems to make the regular routine double in length because of the “Christmas cheer” - wink, wink - you feel in trying to accomplish the goals and make the appearances you thought were reserved only for Hollywood stars and important politicians.
But yes, that is Christmas everywhere.
What we all need to remember is that Christmas is still a time of happiness, family, thanks and giving. As hard as it may be to see that in your shorts looking at snow on television; in traffic in Savannah - especially if the kids are in the urban shopping assault vehicle with you; or in flipping to page 15of today’s to-do list, there is a light at the end and a reason for the season.  
If you try not to lose sight of that, you will appreciate the busier lifestyle and the excess of this time of year. Picture how much those you are doing these things for will appreciate it. Remember how much the kids in your life love Christmas and you will see that what you are doing is worth it.  
Enjoy the company of family, friends, co-workers, classmates and the other thousands of people crammed in the stores with you this holiday season because, “Oh What Fun it is …”
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