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Christmas wishes for 'green' community
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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There is no time like Christmas to stop and reflect on our lives and the deeper meaning of our existence. Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating, wrapping and partying, there are still quiet moments. Whether in a church service or out under a clear, starry night sky, these moments lend time to reflect on our past and take stock of our dreams and hopes for our future. So join me and let’s listen in on a few of our local neighbors’ dreams and hopes for our community. Think of me as your guide — sort of like the Ghost of Christmas Future in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, though, hopefully, not as scary.

Jeff Stone: I wish all the abandoned mobile homes and shacks in our community were removed. I also wish people would stop illegally dumping garbage and tires in the woods around our county.
Gloria Cook-Osbourne: I wish local businesses and churches in Midway would consider helping our community look better by participating in regular litter pick-ups along our main roads.

Sarah Lumpkin: I wish everyone in our community would recycle. Recycling and waste reduction are the simplest ways we can make a major difference for our environment.

Terri Willett: I wish all the folks with junk cars in their yards would get rid of them. It would certainly improve the appearance of our community.  
Good point, Terri. There are local charities and a scrap metal business that will take junk cars. The business will even pay for the scrap metal in cars and trailers.

Shannon Watson: I wish our teenagers were more informed about the impact of trash on our environment and would become more involved in recycling efforts. If all the local student service, business and leadership organizations would partner together to spearhead recycling programs in our schools, it would benefit the students, the schools and the community.
Okay, I am the guide so I am also going to share another comment Shannon shared about the impact the participation in the fall Rivers Alive Cleanups had on her teens. As a side note, I wanted you to know participating in Rivers Alive made my kids and their friends much more cognizant of trash on the roads and in the community. I truly believe they just don’t see it most of the time. For several weeks, I would hear comments like “Look at that mess. What is wrong with people.” every time we were out. I was impressed they “Got it”...

Dave Sapp: I wish local businesses and property owners would assume responsibility for maintaining the right of way area in front of their properties. It sure would create a nicer appearance for our community.

Laura Troutman: I wish we had curbside recycling in the city of Hinesville. I also wish the broken window at the old Nottingham Café on Main Street would be repaired.

Bill Austin: I wish in the coming year we could reduce the litter on Highway 119 particularly between Barrington Ferry and Highway 17. I also hope we could improve the cleanliness and general appearance of all of the city  of Riceboro.

And here is one more: I wish all the Christmas trees in Liberty County will be recycled on Jan. 5 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Bring One for the Chipper! I also wish everyone would bring in any older electronics to recycle too.  
I wonder who sent that  wish in?
Seriously, all of these wishes are such good ideas. I wish I was a true Christmas fairy and could wave my wand and make them instantly come true. But if we all work together, all of these dreams could easily be a reality. Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday and perfect chance to dream of better things to come.    
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