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Communities planning cleanups
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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What a beautiful time it is in Liberty County. The dogwood and azaleas are blooming all over.
Thankfully, several communities and neighborhoods are working to make their communities even lovelier. All those attractive blooms just aren't showcased very well if they are along roads littered with paper cups and soda cans and plastic bags. Azaleas also look so much better when they are in beds that have been weeded and mulched and maintained.
Lavonia LeCounte and two youth groups in Riceboro are leading the way in making two roads in need look much more attractive next Saturday. They plan a cleanup on the highways in their area and they need the good citizens of Riceboro to come out and lend a hand.
Project Reach G.A.N.G. and the youth group at First Zion Baptist Church have committed to clean up areas of Highway 119 and Barrington Ferry.
The first thing these young people need from their fellow citizens is to come to help clean up these areas. It is great when youth are willing to make an effort like this, but they also need adults to be good examples. We need to be out there right with them. The second thing that these young people need is for all of us to keep the roads clean. Put a lid on your litter. Don't toss it out of your car and secure your truckloads so that items do not blow off on the roads.
Please join these energetic youth on April 5 at 8 a.m. at the Crossroads Store and the First Zion Baptist Church at the intersection of Barrington Ferry Road and Highway 119. For more information, contact LeCounte or call my office at 368-4888. Thanks to SNF Chemtall and the city of Riceboro for supporting this effort.
Woodland Lakes Community is having a meeting on April 3 to discuss a cleanup. This community has worked hard with the leadership of people like Lois Smith to make this a special community. Although Miss Lois and her husband have had to move to Savannah, her hard work and dedication for Woodland Lakes will never be forgotten. Phyllis Griffin worked along side Miss Lois on many projects. Even though she and her husband actually live in Atlanta fulltime now and just visit down here, her heart is evidently still in Woodland Lakes fulltime.
Phyllis has scheduled the meeting to the workday tentatively set for April 12. The day will focus on cleaning up, weeding and trimming up the triangle. Phyllis would also appreciate any plant donations, particularly azaleas. For more information, contact Phyllis Griffin or call my office at 368-4888.
Don't forget! You have one more day to send in your nomination for the first Win-dex Business of the Quarter Awards. Make sure any business that makes that extra effort at keeping its property attractive and clean and inviting gets recognition. Call my office at 368-4888 or email or call the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce office at 368-4445 for a nomination form or more information.

Here are other upcoming events during the Great American Cleanup:
Through May: The Clean Community Challenge. Challenge others to join you and your group in making our community as clean as possible. The Litter Wars need you. Contact 368 4888 or for information.
Through May: 1 Return the Warmth Plastics Recycling Contest in schools. Support students by recycling plastic bottles.
April 14-15: Earth Day Water Awareness Programs in Schools.
For more information on Keep Liberty County Beautiful programs, contact me at 368-4888 or
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