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Exemptions do cut tax bills
Limerick Plantation
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Run, don't walk: Make sure you filed for the KDW (Kemp, Deloach, Williams) tax exemption with the tax collector's office. I've already talked to some and showed them the form and they had not done it. You have until March 1 for this year's assessments. While there, get a copy of your Property Record Card. This will have the most current picture of your property, along with details. Make sure everything is correct. There is a computer in the lobby for public use that you can pull up your real property general information. This will show you the history of your home for the last three years, what assessors value your home at and what your homestead is. The people there are very helpful and will assist you. There are 23 codes for exemptions in this county. That code appears in the right upper corner of your tax bill. You won't believe what a difference this KDW exemption will make on your next tax bill. A big thank you to field appraiser Georgia Holliday for taking the time to stop by and give me copies of all these things.

Old as dirt:  Yep, sometimes we feel that way, but it's always better to be thankful for the things we've accomplished and accumulated over the years. I sat down this week and wrote down all the "big ticket" things I've accumulated. I was shocked when I looked in my household book at the ages of some of them. House, 36 years, truck, seven, golf cart, 11, bicycle, 28, bedroom TV, 19 years, bed, 25, lawn tractor, 11, utility trailer, 22, dryer, 15, washer, 9, couch, 25, refrigerator, 10, microwave, 2, table and chairs, 5, vacuum, 8, shop vac, 6. Wow! We're all old as dirt.  

Workday planned: Jan. 26 has been designated as a workday at the swimming hole. A lot got done last month, but there is still a lot to do. I talked with our resident home builder, Gary Patrick, to see if he and some other contractors could donate leftover treated wood to repair the foot bridge and dock. He is going to pursue this. Gary has always cared about his community. Plan on wearing old clothes, bring gloves, shears, an axe, pruning shears and lots of energy. I'll post this again as a reminder. If you can't work, but want to bring a sandwich or chips and some drinks, that would be a big help.

Waste not, want not:  I am assuming all of you who live in Lake George got your letter from our water provider. The letter came from Tony D'Aguillo at Water Utility Management in Savannah. I always thought that since we were on a private water system, that the "odd-even" watering dates didn't pertain to us, only cities. Evidently, it applies to us also. What astounds me is that they suggest watering from midnight to 10 a.m. only. Now just how are working people going to pull that one off? They have a website, Visit it and learn more about how to conserve water. Myself, I catch rainwater in buckets, keep them covered, then I have water for my plants.

You are what you live in:  I rode around a week ago with our county commissioner and code enforcer on two separate days and showed them all the blight in our area. I showed them the trailer that has been pushed into the woods on Highway 17, near a small church. I showed them all the junk cars, trucks, boats, parts, etc. at the house on the corner of Sandollar and Highway 17 next to Fleming Baptist Church. They both were aware of the two abandoned lots across from Woodland Lakes' entrance. All total, when I typed up my list, there were 33 homes guilty of blight. Since my list, I've found two more. Eight of the properties are abandoned. Shouldn't these properties be sold on the courthouse steps?  There is blight all over Liberty County. Why? We have ordinances. Take a look at your property. Is there a derelict vehicle or vehicles sitting in your back or front yards? When was the last time you cleaned up your property.

Riverkeeper meeting a success:  More than 40 people attended this important meeting. Phil Odum from the McIntosh Community assisted speaker Dianna Wedincamp in informing those who cared enough to attend, of what is going on in our community as far as our water supply. People from Lake Arrow, Lake Jerico, Lake George, Woodland Lakes, Twin Rivers and the Medway were all there to hear what we can do to insure that our water supply stays pure. Dianna was disturbed about the huge construction site on Limerick Road. Everyone listened intently as Dianna and Phil gave the facts and told what we can do to help. There will be a "testing" of the Jerico River water at our boat hoist on Feb. 10 at 1 p.m. The reason for doing it on a Sunday is they have 24 hours to get the samples to the lab on Monday. She will be showing us how to monitor our rivers and lakes that day. We were encouraged to call the Liberty County Consolidate Planning Commission whenever we see things like dirt being bulldozed into our marshes, or no black plastic around a site to keep dirt from washing into a road. Construction "report cards" were passed out. This was one of the most informative meetings we've had in our Community Building in a long time. Too bad only 40 people attended.
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