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Getting older has good, bad points
Limerick Plantation
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Lake George POA at work: On Dec. 15, Richard White, Jody Settle, Danny Ulmer and Meg Ulmer helped clean up the beach at Rec 4 and dragged vegetation from the water with rakes. Richard’s trailer and my truck were loaded beyond capacity after several hours of cutting, raking, trimming and chopping the overgrown weeds and bushes. There’s lots more to do there folks, so if you’re not busy Saturday, please bring your lopping shears, pruning saws, axes and steel rakes. If you plan on going into the water, you might want to wear waders. As soon as materials are either donated or purchased, the fishing bridge and foot bridge will also be repaired. Ted or Gary or both, if you could possibly donate some leftover 2x4s for these repairs, it would help so much. Check out the need at Rec 4. While clearing one section, I found a pair of women’s prescription glasses. If you’ve lost them, call me to identify.

Bumper sticker: This bumper sticker comes out of New York and it states “Run Hillary Run.” Democrats put it on the rear bumper, Republicans put it on the front bumper.

Energy assistance: I truly feel  I have been discriminated against in my recent calls to try and get an interview to apply for heating assistance this winter. When I called the very first day the program opened, Dec. 3, I was told I’d have to be put on a waiting list. I’ve made numerous calls to Brunswick and Atlanta to no avail. Now I’m being told there are 241 people ahead of me on this waiting list. I’m going to report this to the Consumer Protection Agency in Atlanta and also write my congressman about it. Al Williams, if you are reading this, help me out. For what I draw a month from Social Security, I surely deserve this help.

Restaurant ratings alarming: I saved the restaurant ratings published in the Coastal Courier on Nov. 14 and compared them to the recent one. I was shocked that some of these places were not shut down. Here’s a comparison for you to see:

    November rating    December rating
Angie’s Diner in Midway    98    80
Chopsticks    88    81
Church’s Chicken    88    89
Doodle’s    87    87
Hardee’s    67    85
Hong Kong    89    84
JC Bar-B-Q    88    88
Little Caesars Pizza    84    87
McDonald’s in Wal-Mart    88    88
Orient Express    89    89
Pizza Hut on General Screven    82    82
Papa John’s Pizza    90    85
Shoney’s    84    88
Sonic    82    86
Tina’s Deli in Midway    84    84
Waffle House in Hinesville    85    85
Woodland Nursing Home in Midway    86    86
I’m happy to report all of our school lunchrooms had high ratings. All of these restaurants should have 100, but as you can see they don’t. I’m going to be very careful where I eat from now on.

Retirement can be fun: Although living on a fixed income is no fun, there are plenty of other things we seniors get away with. We all know the days of the week are six Saturdays and one Sunday. And we don’t mind being called seniors because the term comes with a 10 percent discount.We consider formal attire,“tied” shoes. We have a term for people who enjoy working — “Nuts!” Retirement is like one long coffee break.  My favorite answer to the question “what do you do all week?” is ... Monday to Friday, nothing and Saturday and Sunday I rest. Of course, growing older comes with its good and its bad points. Everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt, doesn’t work. Your little black book only has names ending in M.D. Getting older means sitting in a rocking chair and being unable to get it going. Your knees buckle, but your belt won’t. Your back goes out more than you do. You sink your teeth into a steak and they stay there. But I’m too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed.
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