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Great American Cleanup winds down
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Only a few days are left of the official 2008 Great American Cleanup. Adding local challenges in our Clean Community Challenge this year has created a fun competition to the art of cleaning up litter.
I've really enjoyed it and it seems many volunteers have also gotten into the competitive spirit. Our local take on the annual Keep America Beautiful cleanup campaign included numerous roadside and water cleanups, large and small.  The largest so far included 150 volunteers working together. The smallest was one person's effort to clean up a body of water in her community.
We had a merry little band of volunteers battle the sand gnats to clean up beaches on St. Catherines Island and a tough group of youth battle gnats and drizzling rain to clean up roads in Riceboro. We have cleaned lakes and beaches and creeks and canals.
We have had recycling events that salvaged tons of electronics, paint, motor fluids, toys, batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges and a gazillion plastic bottles because of some gutsy kids ranging in age from pre-school to high school.  We have kicked off a recycling crayon campaign to build the world's largest crayon this fall.  
We have had an Earth Day celebration and stormwater pollution programs, a public awareness blitz in churches and restaurants and schools. Cities and communities have cleaned up and challenged each other to make their municipalities cleaner, healthier places.  We have also had a number of projects to create havens of beauty around our county. Scores of groups of volunteers planted 125 trees for Arbor Day as a commitment to a greener future.

But it ain't over yet!  This week we have a cleanup in Walthourville on May 31 from 8 a.m.-noon. We will provide all the supplies as well as lunch for all volunteers. The only other ingredient we need for a successful cleanup is volunteers like you. We plan to meet at the city hall, so please join us. Call 368-4888 or the nice ladies at the Walthourville City Hall at 368-7501.
Keeping or making a community beautiful and clean is a full-time, every day responsibility, so don't let that May 31 end of the Great American Cleanup fool you. We can do cleanups all year long. We need to do educational events, recycle and cleanup efforts all year long. So if you have a project idea, it is not too late.  Call me! Lets really make Liberty County clean and beautiful all year long.

Upcoming Keep Liberty Beautiful events:
Through May: The Great American Cleanup and our Clean Community Challenge for 2008 is winding down, but the litter wars still need you!  Call 368-4888 or email to make a difference.
Through May: Return the Warmth Plastics Recycling Contest. Support students by recycling plastic bottles, PET #1 and #2. We can still collect plastics at our recycling drop off centers.  We have one more week for counting these plastics for our kids' participation in this national contest.
Liberty County: Home of the world's largest crayon. Please help us make this a reality by calling 368-4888 or emailing, or asking any KLBC member about recycling used crayons. We are collecting used crayons for recycling to create this giant crayon this fall.

For more information on any of these programs, call Swida at 368-4888 or email
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