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Happy Mothers Day, Mother Earth!
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Just as billions of moms across the globe take care of their children every day, good old Mother Earth takes care of us by providing a wonderful place to live, oxygen to breathe, a place for food to grow for us to eat, and -- for us in Liberty County -- a beautiful place to raise our own families.
Today on Mothers Day is a good time to honor our Mother Earth. Just as many of us unfortunately take our own mothers for granted, we tend to forget Mother Earth. We need to take care of her too!
The Great American Cleanup is Keep America Beautiful's signature cleanup effort. But don't get the idea that KAB affiliates think that March 1 through May 31 is the only time to work on projects to clean and beautify Mother Earth. Taking care of our Earth is a continuous responsibility.
Here are highlights still to come in the next few weeks and months! Kids in our schools are frantically collecting PET plastics for recycling as part of the national Return the Warmth Program. They would appreciate your help in recycling as many plastics as possible by May 31.
Midway has a cleanup scheduled on May 21. The city of Walthourville will have one too in the next several weeks.  The Pineridge neighborhood in Hinesville is working on a project day, as are a couple other communities. We are working on setting up a Recycle It! Fair in the Midway-Riceboro area this summer.
We are also beginning our "crayon drive" to recycle used crayons into the world's largest crayon. This effort, which has been approved by the Guinness Book of World Records, will hopefully come to fruition in November, but we need to collect your crayons now.
This fun initiative, which came from the brilliant, and fun, Leah Poole, also has a serious purpose, helping even young children understand that many items can be recycled.
We are also beginning a Cigarette Litter Prevention Campaign. We will be one of eight programs in Georgia in this national campaign. As anyone who has ever participated roadside cleanups knows, cigarette butts are the most prevalent litter, and the nastiest. OK, I'll modify that. It is one of the nastiest. I have seen a lot nastier types. Even smokers who participate in cleanups are shocked at how many butts decorate our sidewalks, parking lots, and roads.  I usually hear sincere and unsolicited proclamations from smokers after cleanups that they will never toss another cigarette butt on the ground ever again.
Your neighborhood, community, street, community pond or creek, all need you to participate. Big groups, like Wal-Mart, Target and the city of Gum Branch, as well as small groups like the residents of Woodland Lakes who re-planted the triangle, and even individuals, like Dot Moss in Lake George, have all made contributions. You can too. Take a look around. Call me if you just want to talk about possible ideas.

Upcoming Keep Liberty Beautiful events that need you:
Through May: The Clean Community Challenge. Challenge others to join you and your group in making our community as clean as possible. The Litter Wars need you. Call 368-4888 or for information.
May 21: Midway Cleanup, 9 a.m.-noon. Meet at city hall. Supplies and lunch will be provided. Call KLCB at 368-4888 or 884-3344.
Date to be announced: Walthourville Cleanup. A cleanup around Highway 119 and Tibet Road crossroads is in the works.  To participate, call 368-4888 or the City Hall at 368-7501.
For more information, call me at 368-4888 or email
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