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Help fire victims, children in need
Limerick Plantation happenings
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Quote of the week: A clean house is a sign of a broken computer.

Kudos: Thank you Arlene Harmon of Limerick Road for those 59 bags of wonderful oak leaves I will use to line the fence in my front yard after I’ve laid down layers of newspapers. Then I will cover the entire 80 feet with pine straw. Voila, one more area I won’t have to cut. Thanks also to Brent Miller and Sharon Hesch for all the leaves they gave me. Thanks again to Paschal Brewer of Brewer Christmas Tree Farm for the two chinquapin seedlings he gave me last year. I gave one to Margaret Hamilton of Lake George and I planted the other one. Both are flourishing. And a big special thank you to Margie Love for finding me a fever tree seedling. What a wonderful surprise.

Reminder: Recently, several families have lost their homes to fire and there are children throughout our county who need a “blanky” to comfort them from traumatic experiences. Don’t forget to donate your blankets to children in need through Project Linus. Email Dr. Amanda Welch at if you have one to donate.

Home improvement bill passes: Ever wonder why when you do something to improve your property, instead of thanking you or giving you a pat on the back, the tax assessor’s office sticks it to you? Well, be assured that won’t be happening in the future. House Bills 767 and 768 passed on a 142-0 vote, giving homeowners a tax break. Rep. Al Williams, recently sponsored the bills that would exempt any home improvement that amounts to 5 percent or less of the property’s value. The new exemption will also apply to the county school district’s property taxes.

Gas gouging continues: I left messages with three “big wigs” at the Savannah Morning News, asking why the commodities and the crude oil prices have been omitted from the paper. Not one of them replied. On March 29, here’s what I observed about one brand of gasoline in several locations. Garden City, $2.53; Hinesville, $2.59; Savannah, $2.42; Highway 17 and Chatham Parkway, $2.48; and one big name dealer in Richmond Hill actually was selling regular gasoline for $2.66. Does it take a mass of people with placards picketing these stations to bring prices back down? Why don’t our senators and legislators do something about it? I know Gov. Purdue is pursuing the issue of alternative fuels and the sooner the better. If I can learn how to convert corn into fuel, I’ll start growing it all over my property. If you want to see what gasoline is selling for nearest you, go online and type in Then type in Hinesville, Midway, Savannah, Richmond Hill, whatever, and the zip code for that city and the prices will pop up on the screen. Be prepared to be shocked.

Supper in the Strawberry Patch: Don’t forget to get your tickets for the 13th annual Supper in the Strawberry Patch hosted at the Bamboo Farms on Highway 17 North. Tickets are $20 and they go quickly. Call farms at (912) 921-5460. The event is planned for 5 p.m. April 29.

Forever stamps: Right now it cost 39 cents to mail a letter. On May 14, that amount will increase to 41 cents. On that date, you will be able to purchase what is called a “forever stamp” which will remain valid for sending a letter, no matter how much rates go up. The stamp will have the Liberty Bell on it, which represents one of the nations most prominent and recognizable symbols associated with American independence. It’ll be interesting to see what you have to do, to be able to purchase this “forever stamp”— forever. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Easter fun: The city of Richmond Hill will sponsor an Easter egg hunt and cookout tomorrow at 11 a.m. at J. F. Gregory Park and it’s free to the public. Bass Pro Shop in Savannah will also have an Easter egg hunt tomorrow.

Recent honor: Congratulations to Barbara Pilkinton and the staff of VIP Office Furniture and Supply in Hinesville for their recent award from the National U.S. Chamber of Commerce. They were awarded the Blue Ribbon Small Business Award, noting their financial performance, business history, staff training and motivation, community involvement, customer service and business planning.
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