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Here's your chance to go green
Keep Liberty beautiful
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Liberty County residents have several opportunities this week to go green and do something good for the environment.
There are still a few trees available for our community tree planting celebration in honor of Arbor Day on Feb. 20. To participate in this event, call Keep Liberty Beautiful at 368-4888 to reserve a tree and a time on our tree-planting calendar. Businesses, agencies, churches and organizations are invited to take part. We have several types of trees to choose from while supplies last, including yellow poplar, dogwoods, shumard oak and white oak. All trees are at least two years old.
We’ll provide planting and maintenance information for taking care of your trees. This is a great way to make a long-term difference in our community. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to increase the greenery in Liberty County.
KLCB also is holding a Recycle It! Fair around the county from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 21.
With the help of local volunteer fire departments, there will be drop-off sites at the old hospital in Hinesville on Highway 84 and throughout the county at each volunteer fire department. KLCB appreciates the hardworking firefighters who are helping with this effort. Thank you to all of you for being so community-minded.
We will be accepting a variety of items at the Recycle It! Fair, including:
• Televisions
• Electronics: computers, stereos and accessories
• Cell phones and accessories
• Printer ink cartridges
• Household batteries
• Old fluorescent lights
• Telephone books
• Clothing and other household items (in good condition)
• Car batteries
• Household paint (must be in clean, non-rusted cans or we cannot accept it)
• Automotive fluids (we can only accept these at the Hinesville site on Highway 84)
Recycling saves limited landfill space and also reduces the natural resources needed for new products. Often, the production process for new items from recycled materials saves times, money and energy. The above listed items are some of the worst offenders in leaching toxins in landfills, so make the effort to recycle them.
Best Buy will sponsor another area opportunity for recycling televisions and other electronics. Starting today, consumers can bring up to two units per day, per household, for recycling at any U.S. Best Buy store. The company will accept most consumer electronics, including televisions and monitors up to 32 inches wide, computer CPUs and notebooks, small electronics, VCR and DVD players, phones, and accessories such as keyboards, mouses and remotes.
A $10 recycling fee per unit will be charged for items with screens. Consumers will receive a $10 Best Buy gift card in exchange for the recycling fee.
The following items will not be accepted during Best Buy’s recycling event:
• Television or monitor screens wider than 32 inches.
• Console televisions
• Items containing freon, including air conditioners, dehumidifiers and mini-refrigerators.
• Microwaves, appliances.
Think green this week and make the effort to improve our community by taking advantage of these eco-friendly opportunities.

Upcoming Keep Liberty Beautiful events:
• Thank you for all the entries for the live oak photo competition and exhibition. The winners will be announced on Arbor Day, Feb. 20.
• Feb. 21, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.: Live oak tour and photo exhibit at Melon Bluff.
• Feb. 16-20, community tree planting. Sign up your business, group or agency to help plant trees in celebration of Georgia Arbor Day. Trees can be planted in honor or in memory of someone special. To reserve your tree(s), call 368-4888 or 368-4445.
• Feb. 21: Recycle it! Fair for recycling household hazardous items.

Swida is the executive director of Keep Liberty County Beautiful. For more information, contact her at 368-4888 or
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