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Historical perspective of importance of voting
Liberty history
With the Hinesville run-off elections approaching Dec. 4, I would like to wish all of the candidates good luck and hope whoever wins does their part to help the community.
On the historical point of view, I would like to give the community the historical perspective of the importance of voting:
In 1867, the Second reform Act permitted all males who lived in municipal societies the chance to vote. This brought the total number to one-and-a-half million voters being able to decide who will govern their community.
In 1872, to prevent fraud by the politicians, a secret ballot was imposed as a temporary fix. This secret ballot had to be reviewed on an annual basis until it became a permanent enforcement in 1918.
The Third Reform Act of 1884 gave men in rural areas the same right to vote, now raising the total number of voters to over five million. By the time the secret ballot became permanent in 1918 and the rural voters were added, the number of voters now rose to over twenty-one million.
Today, like throughout history, by voting, people can make sure that their opinion is collective with community leaders. Always remember, Every Vote Counts. So, with that in mind, if you are a citizen of the United States and 18 years of age or older, you have the right to vote in local elections, such as in Hinesville or Liberty county, as well as, state and national elections.
People vote for a number of reasons. They vote to decide how their cities, counties, and states should be governed and by whom. Are your children attending a new or different school? Do your children play at a new local park or do you attend events at local squares? If so, you, your parents, acquaintances, and even neighbors voted on whether to build that school, park, or square that you enjoy so much. No matter what the topic, voting gives people the say-so on how things are to be done to their likings and best interests.
But one of the biggest political tribulations in the United States, as well as in Liberty county elections today, is the lack of voter turnout. Normally, just over half of the community turns out to vote. When this happens the people who did not vote, give up their chance to make a difference, but are usually the first ones to complain when things are not done to their fondness.
So, when the Dec. 4 Hinesville election runoffs are at the right point in time, get to the voting booth and elect who you believe will best represent you and the community in which you live.
Do not be one of those who believe the other person will vote and your vote will not make a difference. When you do this, you not only put yourself in a position of misrepresentation by politicians, but now your entire community will be misrepresented when you need someone the most.
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