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History of Flemington Presbyterian Church
History of Liberty
Flemington Presbyterian Church sites on Old Sunbury Road in Flemington. - photo by Photo provided.
Flemington Presbyterian Church was founded and structured around 1832. During this time the members decided to call the building a dwelling of devotion. The building was organized to accommodate both church and school.
The church was a branch or chapel of ease of the Midway Congregational Church and services given were by ministers of the Midway church. A frame building was erected in 1836 with four acres of land having been donated by Simon Fraser. The name of the church and community was changed from Gravel Hill to Flemington in 1850 in honor of William Fleming, one of the first settlers in the area.
The present structure was erected in 1852. The gallery was originally intended primarily for the slaves of the members. The bell in the steeple was made in 1799 and originally hung in the Midway church. Service silverware and the bell were given to Flemington church in 1866 when services were no longer held at the Midway church.
In 1865, for certain reasons, the members of Midway church were no longer able to attend services so the parishioners formed a separate organization and adopted the Presbyterian format. The church was admitted to the Presbytery of Georgia on April 6, 1866. It is now a member of the Presbytery of Savannah. On May 31, 1887, the church was incorporated and granted a charter by the state.
A Sunday school was organized in 1836 and has functioned incessantly since then. The work of the women dates back to the Liberty County Female Society of 1817. The Women's Home and Foreign Missionary was organized in 1889. Their work has since coincided to the plans set up by the General Assembly for Presbyterian Women. This also holds true of the youth organizations, which began with the Christian Endeavor Society for juniors in 1906. The present youth groups are the Junior and Senior High Fellowships.
The Men's Service Club, begun in 1926, has been active in mission work. The Allenhurst Presbyterian Church is one outcome of the missions organized by Flemington Church. For more than 150 years this church has been carrying out the word of the Lord. Everyone who wishes to attend services is welcomed with open arms as well as open hearts.

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