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Local history can add to holiday gifts
Liberty lore
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It is that time of year when we frantically search for just the right gift for someone. Why not consider a book or item depicting the local history of Liberty County? There are several that are available, and I think you’ll be pleased your choices.
How about a DVD or VHS called “Midway on My Mind?” This video depicts the Midway area and includes some spectacular photos. If you’re a fan of the coastal area, you’ll love this program, which was made from overruns of another video, “Roots of Grace: The Story of the Midway Church.” Both of these are readily available at the Midway Museum for only $25 each
The book, “Children of Pride,” is still available. It is the historic collection of letters the C. C. Jones family wrote to each other and friends for many years before the Civil War and for years after. This gives the reader a good personal picture of Liberty County during that era. It shares heartaches and pleasures.
“Dwelling Place,” by Erskine Clarke, required nine years of research in Liberty County before it could be written. It is also about the Jones family, their many coastal plantations and the slaves who worked for them. The plantation owners and the slave families of four generations are traced from 1805-1869. You can read about the family’s tragedies, food they ate, how it was prepared, slave sales at the Riceboro Courthouse and how the Confederate War changed much of Liberty County.  
“Recollections of a Southern Daughter” is a memoir by Cornelia Jones Pond of Liberty County. The 208-page unbound, handwritten manuscript was found in the attic of an old home many years ago and the great-nephew of the writer presented it to the Midway Museum. Josephine Martin edited it and it was printed in 1983 as “Life on a Southern Plantation.” In 1998, it was published in its entirety by Lucinda H. MacKethan from the University of Georgia Press. She did much research and added several pages of history and biographical information.
Some of the other books available at the Midway Museum are: “Native Flora,” “Plantation Life After Emancipation,” “Daughters of the Revolutionary” and “Sunbury on the Medway.”
“Sweet Land of Liberty,” by Robert Groover, is an excellent history of Liberty County, with many pictures in it. It is available at the museum as well as in the Liberty County Commissioners’ Office in the Liberty County Courthouse.
“Liberty County: A Pictorial History” is a beautiful book compiled by Virginia Fraser Evans. Many of the photographs are by Van Jones Martin. The dust jacket is a lovely picture of the historic Midway Church and cemetery. This book is available at the museum and courthouse.
Check with local churches to see if they have a cookbook. Many have produced them in the past and may still have some. This is a great gift. Gum Branch Baptist Church produced a nice one in the last couple of years.
Betty Grugin prints of Liberty County are still available at The Frame Gallery on Main Street and possibly at Victory Trophies.
Hinesville City Hall has Hinesville-Liberty County afghans available for $25. Tote bags, which feature historic scenes of Liberty County, will be available again in mid-January. Coffee cups, T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, pens-in-cases, coins and glass coffee mugs also are for sale in City Hall.
I am sure there are other Liberty County items available to buy that I’m not aware of. Look around and choose something unique — a slice of Liberty County history.
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