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Native plants draw interest from gardeners
Limerick Plantation happenings
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Bicycle 101: I’m seeing more and more people riding bikes now that the weather is getting cooler, but “ouch,” they are killing their knees and thighs. Sitting on your seat, you should barely be able to touch the ground with your tiptoes. When you are riding, your seat should be high enough to allow you to peddle without strain on your knees and thighs. When your foot is on the down peddle, your leg should be almost fully extended. Some of the riders I am seeing are almost hitting their chins with their knees because their seats are too low. Raising your seat will make all the difference in the world with peddling.

Plant swap:
Under the direction of David Moulder, Bryan County Extension agent, plant enthusiasts — master gardeners in particular — were invited to the Richmond Hill Museum off Highway 144 last week to swap plants and learn some new things. I took five native plants and a lot of interesting seeds. I came home with a new native plant that I did not have, an arrowwood virburnum. The Native Americans used the tall stems of this plant to make arrows, hence the name arrowwood. Fifteen enthusiasts showed up and there were a big variety of plants to exchange. I met some new people and gained two new friends that like to “rescue” plants. I rescued some unusual plants on Highway 17 this past week that I’ve never seen before, so now I’ll be rummaging through my plant books and the Internet, trying to identify them. Everyone there was excited about my native plants and I suggested that at the next meeting, that should be the topic. There was an overwhelming vote of “yes.” I’d like to thank Frances Smith of Hinesville for sending me a beautiful picture of her double purple trumpet plant. She’s promised to save me some seeds.

It’s a dog’s world: Tomorrow, It’s A Dogs World Yard Sale and Pet Adoption will take place at 8 a.m. at 10666 Ford Ave. The event will continue until all the animals are adopted. Microchipping will be available and there will be a pet and owner costume contest at 1 p.m. Prizes will be given to the winners. Support this event, since October is “adopt a dog from a shelter” month.

Early voting:
For those of you who don’t want to stand in long, long lines Nov. 4, you can vote early until Oct. 31. Just go the voters registration office in Hinesville. I had 26 people in the waiting room when I went Tuesday, but only had to wait 20 minutes. You’ll be glad you did.

Email etiquette:
One of my computer savvy friends taught me a trick about email. She said when you want to forward something to a friend or family, hit “forward” first, then highlight all the names in the body of the e-mail that it was sent to previously and delete them. That way, when you forward it to someone, they won’t have to scroll through all those names. It also protects the identity of those the message was sent to previously. It takes a few seconds to do this and makes it so much more pleasant to receive.
No election this year: It seems that no one approached the present POA board in Lake George to run this year, so no election was held. The bad thing was that there was no sign on the community building door on the day of the election telling you this and no notice on the community sign to that effect. These are the people who will serve through 2010:
President Richard White
First vice president Meg Ulmer
Second vice president Buddy Thomas
Secretary Beverly Gordon
Treasurer Patty White
Board members Chris Terrell, Buck Floyd, Bruce Bobb and Bobby Lambert
Some of these people will resign in January, so if you would like to be a part of the board, let Richard know.
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