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Recognizing attractive establishments
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Sometimes it is really easy to focus on the negative. We gripe about things at home, whine about how we feel, vent about politics.
We also tend to notice just the things in our community that are not so attractive. My husband truly believes that I can see every piece of litter on the roads as we drive along.
Sometimes as we grovel in our griping, we can actually overlook the positive.
We want to look for those positive things happening in our community and encourage folks to build and expand on the good and attractive things that happen every day. The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce is taking a step in that direction by implementing a program with Keep Liberty County Beautiful to recognize businesses in our county who make extra effort to keep their businesses attractive and inviting. We need your help in giving these local businesses the recognition each quarter that they deserve.
We will be taking nominations for the most attractive businesses -- large and small -- of the quarter. So do not think that a small mom and pop operation won't have a chance. Every business can keep their exterior or storefront neat and their landscape attractive, no matter what their budget might be.
So here is your chance to voice your opinion. Take a look around and share your ideas for the most attractive businesses between now and March 31.  Nomination forms will be available online at the Chamber website and on the weekly Chamber e-newsletter. Nomination forms will also be available at various locations, including the Chamber and the Keep Liberty County Beautiful office. These can be delivered, mailed or faxed in by March 31.  Too busy? You can even call in your nomination at 368-4888, but make sure that you clearly state the name and address of the business and the reason you feel that it should be recognized. Each quarter local winners will receive recognition plaques as well as prominent signs to display.
Here are some points to consider:
• Is the exterior clean and litter free?
• Is the landscape well maintained?
• Is the building exterior attractive and in good repair?
• Is the frontage property mowed and litter free? Or is the sidewalk and parking area clean and maintained? Is this area free of cigarette butts?
• Are there attractive plantings decorating the exterior?
• Have they recently upgraded or renovated? This could be a simple paint job to spruce things up or a full-scale renovation or new building.
• Is the entryway inviting?
• Is the business a good citizen that works to maintain nearby roads by helping keep it attractive and litter free?
So many businesses come to my mind immediately. There is the renovation that they have done to Captain Joe's Restaurant in Midway. The new exterior on Dee's Electronics on Highway 84. The exceptional landscaping that Coastal EMC always maintains for their property.
We want to salute businesses that make that effort. It benefits all of us by increasing sales in shopping areas and increasing property values. It also shows our community to be the attractive and interesting place that we know it is.
Thanks to all of you businesses that make that extra effort! This quarterly award program will be our way of showing our appreciation. For more information on this business recognition program, contact me at Keep Liberty County Beautiful at 368-4888 or Or look for information soon on the Chamber website

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