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Remembering our nation's veterans
Treasures of Midway
MN iwo-jima-memorial
The Iwo Jima memorial.
Living so close to Fort Stewart, we all can’t help but feel a sense of connection to the military. Many of us currently serve or have served in the military, and many more citizens of Midway and Sunbury have a family member or friend who is serving in the military. Many of our soldiers based at Fort Stewart are overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan right now.
We have seen many of the stories about our troops going to Iraq for second and third tours. In Liberty County, we know these troops personally.
For four years now, this has become more of a regular occurrence for the soldiers based at Fort Stewart. It is getting hard to remember the more peaceful days before this. Before this war in Iraq, there was the comparatively brief attack on Iraq in defense of Kuwait in 1991. Yet there again, it was our soldiers at Fort Stewart who were sent.
Liberty County has experienced times of peace and now times of war. Many of the citizens of Midway, from our Mayor Emmons to our neighbors have served in the military at some point in their lives.
There have been many years of peace, but thankfully we still had many brave men and women who served proudly and protected this country nonetheless. There have been wars like Vietnam, Korea, and World Wars I and II, and thankfully we had brave soldiers who willingly fought and many who died for all of us to have a future of freedom and democracy.
Liberty County has been involved in the founding, development struggles, and defense of this country for centuries. Midway and Sunbury were influential in this nation’s history throughout the Revolutionary War and Civil War. More modern wars fought in the name of democracy have been fought on foreign soil, but Midway and Liberty County have still been the home of many of the soldiers who fought and died for this country.
November is a month to remember those veterans who have died fighting for this country. It is also a time to thank those veterans who we know as friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances.
The question of whether we should still be in Iraq or should have ever been in Iraq in the first place is a question we all wrestle with. No one likes to hear of anyone hurt or killed, especially those closest to us, so the protection and safety of all of our soldiers and citizens becomes a very serious concern. Regardless, we should all be proud of the soldiers who have fought and those who have died on our behalf.
To the veterans from or living in Midway and Sunbury, along with the rest of Liberty County, I say thank you.  It would be next to impossible to profile all of you in future articles, but that does not make any one less important. The veterans of the armed forces deserve our thanks and appreciation.
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