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Where is this place? I keep getting ads in the mail from a company called “ALCO.” It kind of looks like merchandise Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart might sell. Does anyone know where there is an Alco store?

Where has all the water gone? Waste not; want not, I always say. Do you know you can place a five gallon bucket in your shower when you take a bath and catch all that excess water, instead of letting it go down the drain. Use it to water house plants, fill your animals’ water bowls and place water outside for wildlife. I also use my five gallon buckets and trash barrels to catch rainwater. Then I add Miracle Gro to the water to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently spoke to the Ogeechee and Canoochee Riverkeepers about water conservation, saying, “The resource of water belongs to the people and should be safeguarded for future generations.” Furthermore, he said, “it belongs to you the people, not the government.” It doesn’t belong to Georgia Power or any industrial farm. This is in the Magna Carta, every state’s constitution. (I am quoting from the Savannah Morning News article written by Parish Howard). He also said there is nothing radical or militant about wanting clean water and clean air. Amen to that. This function attended by Kennedy and Georgia girl Janisse Ray raised more than $150,000 that goes to educate the public about our rivers, streams and the environment at large.

New gas-saving Web site: Find out how you can save money on gasoline and drive more prices down in your area by going to this new Web site at

To scope or not to scope: I’ve heard so many stories from friends who have had colonoscopies, that it’s a sure thing I’m not having one any time soon. I’m going to hold out until next year when it is predicted a special type of X-ray will take the place of the dreaded traditional colonoscopy. This new procedure uses a CT scanner to take a series of X-rays of the colon and a computer to create a 3-D view. A small tube is inserted in the rectum to inflate the colon so it can be more easily viewed. A radiologist then checks the images for suspicious polyps. Since the patient isn’t sedated, there’s no recovery time required. But if any polyps are detected and need to be removed, the patient must then have a regular colonoscopy to do that.  

Countdown to digital TV: According to the November AARP bulletin, Americans with older, analog TVs that receive signals by antenna must switch to digital by Feb. 17, 2009. Subscribers to cable or satellite service should ask their providers if they need special equipment for digital reception. If you don’t buy a digital model, a converter box will change digital signals back to analog. For more information, go to or call 888-225-5322. I just wish we had control over what we have to pay for on our cable channels. Four or five religious channels, two or three channels selling stuff 24/7, hunting and fishing channels that show animals being killed and hooks being ripped out of fishes’ mouths, a Spanish channel ... hey Comcast! I don’t speak Spanish, so why should I have to pay for that channel? And how about that violent Cartoon Channel? What responsible parent would let their child watch that channel? Each channel should cost a certain amount and we, the paying public, should be able to choose our channels and pay accordingly. Nuff said.

Light at the end of the tunnel:
In 2008, General Motors, Chrysler and Honda Motor Companies will be offering vehicles that feature cylinder deactivation technology that shuts off a portion of the engine’s cylinders to save on fuel. GM will introduce 14 vehicles that have V-6 and V-8 engines. Chrysler will offer seven vehicles with 5.7-liter HEMI engines. Honda will offer three vehicles with V-6 engines and two-wheel drive. And now that Treutlen County has begun work on a unique ethanol plant that will produce 20 million gallons of fuel per year, maybe we Georgians will get a break from the gas station rip offs.  

Choose one or both: On Nov. 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., there will be two big events for your families to attend. The first one takes place at the Liberty Regional Medical Center in Hinesville. There will be health and safety exhibits, crafters, entertainment and food for the adults. The children will enjoy the carnival rides, hayrides, pony rides, costumed characters and games. All of this is free to the public as a show of appreciation from LRMC to the public for your community support. It’s also a way to promote a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. The second big event for your family is the Savannah Children’s Book Festival that will take place in Forsyth Park from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be local authors on hand, as well as arts and crafts, food, a variety of entertainment, an international tent, a “teen scene” and costumed characters. So plan your day and try to attend both of these family oriented events.
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