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Scout project called a success
Keep Liberty Beautiful
David C. Sapp, the Liberty County Solid Waste Director, presents a plaque of appreciation to Cory J. Windham at the Dec. 4 county commissioners’ meeting. Pictured (left to right): Christopher Bourque, Monique Bourque, Michelle Bourque, Joe Windham, Cory J. Windham, Carla Windham, Nephi Rispress, Raqquim Rispress and David C. Sapp. - photo by Photo provided.
Recently, a young scout set a goal to accomplish his eagle project this year. We were fortunate this young man asked to work on a project to help our county in some way.
Months ago, Cory Windham began meeting with his scout advisors, including his troop leader, Keith Welch, as well as David Sapp, the director of the Liberty County Solid Waste Department.
Together, Windham and his “team” decided on a challenging project that would require carpentry, framing and landscaping.
During four work dates in September and October, he and his legion of fellow scouts, friends and family members replaced and painted the siding and trim of the recycling barn at the Miller Park Solid Waste Convenience Center as well as landscaping the area. That is quite impressive.
Windham is not your run of the mill high school senior. This 17-year-old Liberty County High School student started this project with some pretty impressive carpentry experience thanks to the guidance of his dad, Col. Joe Windham.
The Windham kids picked up some serious carpentry skills while remodeling their home.
Scout leader Keith Welch shares his landscaping expertise with his scouts in projects such as this. In fact, Cory Windham is a fortunate young man because he has some awesome family support as well from his dad, Joe, and mom, Carla, and his siblings.
Cory, count your blessings for such a loving and caring family.
As he says, “I chose this project because I hope it will be an asset for our community.” It certainly is.
Thank you to all the volunteers who worked with him on this project: Joseph Windham, Keith Welch, Jeremy Custer, Christopher Bourque, Andrew Bourque, Monique Bourque, Kenneth Bourque, William Elmer, Setu Toala, Robert Rowland, Timothy Matavao, Auvae Matavao, Kaliffe Matavao, Jacob Miller, Penny Miller, Terry Murphy, Carla Windham, Jenny Windham, Nephi Rispress, Raqquim Rispress, Gini Rispress,  Allen Rowland, David Purser, Alexis Balleck, Alex Brannen, Jessica Brannen, Dustin Welch, William Kern and Monty Ranistate. 
Thanks to each of you for the many volunteer hours you gave to support this effort.
Best wishes to Cory as he completes the approval process for his eagle status and thank you for a job well done.
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