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Sheriff Don Martin is shining star
Liberty's history
Sheriff Don Martin
Don Martin was born and nurtured in Liberty County before becoming sheriff.
He spent 34 years as a Postal Service employee before retiring.
After determining Liberty County was in need of public participation by the sheriff’s department, he decided to campaign for sheriff and won the job in 1992. His first day in office was Jan. 1, 1993 and he is now serving his fourth term.
Martin immediately saw a need to compete with other localities and modernize the sheriff’s department. He focused his attention on training, particularly on the sheriff’s certification classes at the Georgia Police Academy.
In Liberty County, as well as other counties, a sheriff is generally the highest elected law enforcement officer.
The election of a person to serve as a law enforcement leader has been virtually a unique honor throughout the American patriotic practice that’s been in effect since the British rule during the 16th century. All officers working for the sheriff are called deputies or deputy sheriffs because they act on behalf of the sheriff to execute the same responsibility he does.
Martin has many duties that include but are not limited to:
• The preservation of the public peace, the protection of life and property
• The prevention, detection, and investigation of criminal activity
• The apprehension and confinement of criminal offenders
• The recovery of stolen property, the control of crowds at public events
• The control of vehicular traffic
• The investigation of traffic accidents
• The protection of property and assistance during civil emergencies or natural disasters.
According to the Georgia Sheriff’s Organization, “The importance of the modern sheriff was stressed by President Ronald Reagan in his address to the National Sheriffs’ Association on June 21, 1984.
“Thank you for standing up for this nation’s dream of personal freedom under the rule of law. Thank you for standing against those who would transform that dream into a nightmare of wrongdoing and lawlessness. And thank you for your service to your communities, to your country, and to the cause of the law and justice,” Reagan said.
This shows how important the sheriff is to the community.
I have spoken to Martin and he is now, as he was when first elected, very concerned about the safety and preservation of the Liberty County community. He seems to be a sincere and compassionate county official who has earned the right to say he has helped Liberty County become a place for all who wish to live a better life in an area protected to the fullest.
No county is free of crime, but to feel protected is a desirable feeling Don Martin has instilled in his community and the general public should feel grateful to him for his outstanding perseverance to do so.
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