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Take a hint from past winners
Keep Liberty Beautiful
0920 New KFC
KFC on Highway 84 was remodeled in 2007 and is a past Win-dex award winner. - photo by Photo provided.
Nominations for the quarterly Win-dex Business Recognition Awards will be accepted through Sept. 30. The quarterly award program recognizes attractive businesses in our community.
We should all commend those businesses for having clean properties because it reflects well on our community. Looking good makes a statement about the kind of operations we’re running. Dressing up a business creates an enticing atmosphere for customers and a positive work environment for employees.
The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce promotes the Win-dex awards because attractive businesses are often successful and they attract new businesses to our region. More business means better jobs and a healthier economy.
So we need you to help us celebrate Liberty County’s pretty businesses. They truly are putting their best faces forward.
Each quarter we select two winners — a large business and a small business. Every business, big or small, can keep its exterior or storefront neat and the landscape attractive.
If you have not nominated a business yet, here are some thoughts. Let’s take a look at previous winners and see why judges selected them using the following guidelines:
• Is the exterior clean and litter free? Now, of course, that’s part of the criteria.
All of the businesses that have won in the past two years keep their properties meticulously clean. A good example is KFC on Highway 84. Often, fast food restaurants have a lot of litter in their parking lots. KFC does a great job of keeping that litter maintained.
• Is the landscape well-maintained?
Yes, all of our winners make sure their lawns are mowed and the plantings are trimmed and weeded. The maintenance is not hit or miss. These businesses always look nice. Some of the winners, like Parker’s, have maintenance crews and some of the businesses, like The Bennett Insurance office on Highway 84, are lovingly taken care of by the owners. The attention to detail is obvious.
• Is the building exterior attractive and not in need of repair?
If the buildings are not maintained, nominees don’t get selected — even if the landscape is attractive. Harbor Bay Car Wash, one of our first winners, is always well landscaped and litter-free and the facility itself is maintained.
• Is the frontage property mowed and litter-free? Or is the sidewalk and parking area clean? Is this area free of cigarette butts?
• Are there attractive plantings decorating the exterior?
This is probably the area that separates the winning selections from the other nominees each quarter. We are fortunate that many businesses in our community maintain their sidewalks and parking areas daily so that they are clean. Thank goodness for the ones who do.
 However, the winners take it a step farther. Their plantings go far beyond basic shrubs. The winners, like The Coastal Bank, have lush and/or unique greenery in the landscape or they have eye-popping spots of colorful blooming plants that add that extra special look.
All of our winners have had these delicious spots of color. Some memorable ones are the Liberty County school main office, Stacey’s Florist and First Presbyterian Christian Academy.
• Has the business recently upgraded or renovated? This could be a simple paint job to spruce things up, a full-scale renovation or a new building.
• Is the entryway inviting?
Some businesses in downtown areas or shopping centers have little or no lawn or area for plantings. We know that, but they could use potted plants at the entry, window boxes of flowers or greenery. Using attractive awnings is also an eye-catcher.
• Is the business owner or manager a responsible merchant who works to maintain the roadways near the property, keeping them attractive and litter-free?
Some of our winners are in areas where they actually make the effort to keep the right-of-way and the roadway clean and mowed. Coastal Electric Cooperative maintains the lawn in front of its office all the way up to the highway.
If these standards apply to a business you  know of, nominate it. The business owners and managers deserve it. We should all thank them for making the effort.
If you would like to nominate a business, fill out the attached form and mail it to P.O. Box 829, Hinesville, GA 31310.
Nomination forms also are available at the Keep Liberty County Beautiful office, 101 N. Commerce St., or at the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce office on Oglethorpe Highway. You can call the chamber at 368-4445. You can also e-mail me at for a form.
Remember to include your reason for nominating the business. Explain why this business deserves recognition. Your vote counts!

KLCB announcements that you can use to help save the environment:
• Saturday, Oct. 10: Annual St Catherine’s Island Beach Sweep We need boats and volunteers. Call today for information.
• Oct. 24: The annual Rivers Alive Cleanups in Liberty County.
• Tell the world how you really feel about litter. Get your free litter car decal by calling 368-4888 or e-mailing
• Keep your “butts” off the streets and sidewalks! Cigarette litter needs to be disposed of properly. For a free pocket ashtray, call 368-4888.

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