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Two schools to be rezoned for 2009-10
School notes
Dr. Cheryl Conley
Dr. Cheryl Conley
Rezoning schools is one of those jobs that can be referred to as a necessary evil. As a school system, we must continually re-evaluate the number of students at each school and ensure that we have enough staff members, space, etc., to meet state and federal requirements and guidelines. Any time there is a need to change students from one school to another and change the zoning boundaries, we try to make the fewest moves possible and move students who live closest to their new school. This is not always an easy task.
After a careful study of the student population at each of the elementary schools, we will be making a few changes to current school zones. These changes will take place in August for the 2009-10 school year. These changes will affect elementary students who live in Pineland Square Apartments and those elementary students who live along Kelly Drive.

Pineland Square Apartments

The elementary school students who currently live in Pineland Square Apartments will be re-zoned from Jordye Bacon Elementary School to Waldo Pafford Elementary School, located at 2550 West 15th St. The phone number is 877-4188.
The uniform colors are very similar to the uniform colors at Jordye Bacon but its additional shirt color is gold rather than hunter green.  Everything else in the dress code will remain the same.    

Kelly Drive

Students who live along Kelly Drive will be re-zoned from Lyman Hall Elementary School to Taylors Creek Elementary School, located at 378 Airport Road in Hinesville.  The phone number is 369-0378.
Uniform colors are the same as Lyman Hall's, except the additional shirt color is light blue rather than red. All other dress code guidelines are the same.
The bus routes will be published in the Courier and on-line at prior to the beginning of school.
As we know, change is often difficult but it is also inevitable.  We will make this transition as easy as possible for all involved.  For those students who are being re-zoned, the permanent records will be forwarded to the receiving schools during the summer. If we can do anything additional to assist your child in this move, please contact us at the Liberty County Board of Education. My direct line is 876-4854. You can also contact Superintendent Dr. Judy Scherer, at 876-3619.  
We thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we strive to keep the schools balanced and meet all required codes and guidelines!  Our students are our future!

School notes is written by different employees of the Liberty County School System, and appears on an education page in each Friday’s Coastal Courier. It is the opinion of the writer.
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