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Who is in charge, parents or children?
Limerick Plantation
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Are you listening? Don’t know if it was the Department of Transportation or the city of Hinesville that got Highway 84 and recently General Screven resurfaced, but whomever ... how about Frank Cochran? Why did you take on two other roads before completing this one? And have you driven down South Main recently?  My gawd ... it is full of pot holes and dips ... it’s like riding a roller coaster. Let’s look at our priorities guys.

Who’s in charge? I watched two Dr. Phil shows recently where parents were so frustrated with their young children and the provocative ways they dress. I also view young children in the malls and in stores wearing stuff that is totally revealing. But, correct me, if you will, ... these young children are underage and don’t work, so who is buying these provocative clothing? Well, DUH! If you buy it, then don’t complain. If you let your child dye his or her hair purple and let them get piercings and tattoos, then don’t complain.  Just turn yourself into the nearest “poor-parent agency.”

What to do with leftover meds: In a recent Associated Press article, suggestions were made to make sure your old medications reach the right place. Please don’t flush them down the toilet where they will either end up in your septic tank doing Lord knows what or in the ocean making drug addicts out of our ocean creatures.  Crush or dissolve those meds that are expired and mix them with kitty litter, scrap foods, coffee grounds and anything else that is beyond using and wrap it in a sealed bag and put it in the trash. That renders the drugs unpalatable if a child, animal or drug abuser rummages through the trash.

Recycle those newspapers: It warmed my heart to read in USA Weekend that they, too, believe in using old newspapers in your flowerbeds and gardens. The one thing they advise is do not use colored flyers, colored ads or pages that contain color. When you layer the newspapers with leaves, mulch and/or pine straw and then wet the entire thing with water, you won’t believe how seldom you will have to water and how things will thrive in your yard.

Driving free: I’ve always resented having to pay “uninsured motorist” fees on my automobile insurance. When you apply for a tag for your vehicle, you must by law, present proof that your vehicle is insured. Yet, day after day, we read or hear of drivers in accidents or stopped on traffic violations who have no insurance. If the insurance companies would report to law enforcement agencies the minute someone cancels their insurance the rest of us wouldn’t have to pay for their driving free.

‘Tis the season:
Please ladies, don’t let me be able to say, “I told you so.” I’ve encouraged you here more than once to please buckle your purse to the shopping cart with the child restraint strap.  Even further, I know most of you maybe still have a “fanny pack” from the past. I have several. Put your license, insurance card and registration card in the fanny pack, along with your check book and/or charge cards. This way you are sure not to have your purse snatched. Just imagine your entire pocketbook being snatched out of your cart or off your shoulder. How stressful would that be? Be smart. Be cautious.

Colors of fall:
Hey you guys! You don’t have to drive to North Carolina or North Georgia to enjoy all the fall colors. Just drive around Liberty County, especially up Highway 17 toward Richmond Hill, to see all the brilliant colors ... yellow grape vines, yellow hickories, red maples, red Virginia creeper vines, orange tallows, red Bradford pears. What a splash of “paint” from God’s pallet.

Check your receipts: Recently, I purchased three packets of cat food a local store that had always been three for a dollar.  The sign says that and it’s always been that. When I got home and unloaded my purchase, I noticed they had charged me 40 cents a packet. And on the receipt there was a “tax 1” and a “tax 2.” Well, believe you me, the next time I purchase anything from them, I will question the manager about the sign saying three for a dollar and hopefully get him or her to explain why I’m paying two taxes on non-grocery items. Better yet, look at your grocery receipt next time. Three percent grocery tax and seven percent non-grocery tax.  Something’s not right here.

Mark your calendars:
Dec. 4: Christmas in the Park 5-8 p.m. at Bradwell Park, Main St., between M.L. King and Court Street in Hinesville
Dec. 8: Annual Christmas Tea at the Midway Museum from 10 a.m.
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