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Win-dex award nominations being solicited
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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I recently visited a sustainable community in northwest Georgia called Serenbe. The developers fused the words “serenity” and “be” because they felt the lovely area gave them a tremendous feeling of peace and serenity.
They also felt others would enjoy and benefit from that same feeling, so they began plans for creating this planned community in an area right out side of Atlanta referred to as Chattanooga Hills. It is hard to believe that this area is about a half hour from downtown Atlanta. The beginnings of the town, that also includes an inn and lush farm area as well as a housing development, is made up of several blocks of an absolutely beautiful shopping area.
The development abides by sustainable construction practices as well as creating a lush -- but sustainable -- landscape that is as enjoyable as the shopping.  
Now I know that basically starting a community from scratch can give you a fresh way to create beauty along the way, but it is also possible to enhance standing structures and business areas.
Many of our local businesses work every day to make the shopping or business experience a pleasure. It is time to recognize them again. Nominations for this quarter’s Win-dex Business Recognition Awards are being accepted through June 30. This quarterly awards program is our way of recognizing attractive businesses.  
These businesses are run by people who have figured out that looking good makes a statement about what kind of business they are. It is good business to be attractive. It brings in more customers. It also helps to create a positive work environment. Attractive -- and successful -- businesses attract more new businesses because they make our whole community look good. More businesses and more successful businesses mean more good jobs and a healthier economy for our community.
The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Win-dex Awards recognition program with KLB. We need your help in giving these businesses they deserve. Each quarter we select two winners -- a large business and a small business. More than 20 businesses have been honored in the past two years, but there are still many more that need your nomination.
Nomination forms are available at the KLB office (phone 880-4888) in Midway or at the local Liberty County Chamber of Commerce (368-4445).  You can also e-mail us at Mail the completed form to P.O. Box 829, Hinesville, GA 31310, faxed to 880 4777, or emailed to Remember that the reason for nominating a business is a crucial part of the judging of the awards, so make sure that you explain why this business deserves recognition. Send nominations by June 30. Awards will be announced in mid-July.
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For more information, call 880-4888 or e-mail

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