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Don’t get duped: How many ads do we see on TV that say “buy one, get one free?” Even in the newspaper and in junk mail: “buy one, get one free.” I recently got “robbed” during an eyeglasses purchase. It dawned me later that the $69 glasses ended up costing more than $200. The frames were free, but the lenses cost extra. The same goes for an appliance I ordered off TV called GT Express 101. The commercial showed a little old lady making all these neat things in an appliance no bigger than a dinner plate. Best of all, it was “buy one, get one free.”The appliance does everything the ad says it will do, but here is the catch: Two appliances were mailed to me in the same box, but when I got the bill, I was twice charged $14.95 for shipping and handling. So, I actually ended up paying for the second item. I called the company to complain and they offered no apology and were very rude. So, when you see something advertised as “buy one, get one free” believe me, you will ultimately end up paying for the second item.
Purse snatching: I have preached and preached about buckling your purse to your shopping cart, and Wednesday’s paper told of a woman loading her purchases into her car whose purse wasn’t buckled to her cart. Someone snatched it and ran and everything she had in the purse was gone in a flash.

Kudos to my readers: I have truly been blessed in 2008 with hundreds of phone calls and e-mails thanking me for the information in my column. I just want to wish all of you a good 2009 and promise to continue bringing information you need. I am compiling a list with the names of everyone who calls or e-mails. At the end of 2009, I am sending that to the Courier’s manager. He needs to know you are reading his paper.

Let’s fight issues together: For example, if the value of your house has gone down, but your taxes have gone up, let’s find out why. Also, I would like to see people drive slower. Had I not been driving 20 mph recently in Lake George, I probably would have killed a child on a skateboard darting out of his driveway. I slammed on brakes, laid on the horn and this child’s life was saved.

Keep in touch: I truly appreciate when you call and share things that I can share with the public. Many of you have called about plants. Ms. Christa, my German fan in Hinesville, called and invited me to see her cassia trees and to try her strawberry dessert, which I did. Ms. Christa is 80 years old, but still cuts her own grass, prunes her plants, exercises daily, cooks great German food and maintains a huge house full of the neatest artifacts. I thought my yard was full of many plants, but Ms. Christa has me beat.

Cay Creek project: I met with Midway Mayor Don Emmons last Thursday to scope out what has been done on this beautiful piece of property. Folks, I’m here to tell you, Mayor Emmons truly is dedicated to bringing tourists to our county to enrich our county coffer and create lasting memories for them to take back home. The wooden walkway that winds through the natural setting is wheelchair friendly and invites you to stop occasionally and look at the flags (wild irises), sweet bay, magnolias, palm trees, cedars, bald cypress, state holly and yaupon holly. Mayor Emmons said beavers have really caused problems there, damming up several areas of waterways leading into Cay Creek. He told me Britt Hollingsworth, a former Midway mayor, had a dream for this area and he wants to finish it. The creek is brackish and is only about 30 feet wide where the proposed dock would be built.  It would give those of us who don’t own a boat another area to enjoy peace and quiet while fishing or crabbing and maybe even putting a canoe or kayak in and paddling to the South Newport River. There are otters, rabbits, all kinds of bird life and maybe a gator or two there. There are picnic tables where you could spend time with your family on weekends. Right now, the gates are locked because four-wheelers have been trespassing. I told Mayor Emmons this site would be perfect for Sanctuary on the Sapelo to release rehabilitated birds. We just need to get more grants to complete this project. Cay Creek is so close to I-95 and could draw a lot of tourists. Call me if you want to become a supporter. The Devendorfs are already involved. We all know that Laura and Meredith support wildlife. Let’s get behind this project. It’s beautiful. 
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