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Bear Fight!
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Bear Fight! debuts its first CD at The Jinx.


With Lazr/Wulf and Manray

At 11 p.m. Friday, July 6

The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.

The Black Sabbath influence comes through (very) loud and clear on Gnarmageddon, the debut CD by this young, Savannah-based heavy-rock aggregate. Matt Collett, Jeff Hinely, Lee Vallier, Christian Mosely and Colin Motlagh have all been on the Savannah band scene for years - see if these names ring a bell: Hyaena, Casual Kill, Amicalola, The Gray Area, The Round Table, Listen to Three, Permanent Tourist, Voodoo Soup ... you get the idea. These guys know how to play hard.

"We all grew up sneaking into the punk shows at 2424 and Velvet Elvis, and playing in punk, hardcore, and metal bands," says guitarist and singer Collett, "with the exception of Colin, who grew up more on the mainstream side of things."

With axe-wielders Hinely and Mosely, it's a three-guitar squad. Motlagh is the bassist, Vallier the drummer.

This show serves as the CD Release Part for Gnarmageddon, which was produced by Peter Seeba at Bring That, Don't Bring That! Studios.

Adds Collett: "We all have a very wide range of influences and musical background, and when we're not at work or at practice in this band, are all still starting other projects and picking up gigs with whoever we can to stay busy playing music.

"We are lucky to have grown up in such a diverse and awesome local music scene and have so many bands to look up to and be inspired by, as well as such an awesome venue as the Jinx to let us play there."


The Raleigh area's premiere funk band, Big Something - playing the Wormhole July 10 - is known for playing is costumes, theatrical interludes and laser-lit surprises. "We want people to have fun and have a good time," says Nick MacDaniels (vocals, mandolin, guitar). "Flags, bubbles, light up glow things, one big, massive organism. The six-piece party band (formerly known as Anonymous) also has a sax player and makes liberal use of keyboards and funky synths ... On July 6, Randy Wood Guitars welcomes back Little Roy Lewis, Lizzie Long and their band - it's the Little Roy & Lizzie Show! It's a fast-paced and occasionally very funny program of bluegrass, old-time country and banjo-man Roy's cornball humor ... Oh, Stella Parton has an Aug. 3 date at Randy's place ... Branson Nelson McCoy is back again this week, with his Monkeygrass Jug Band (July 6 at Live Wire Music Hall) ...

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