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Hip Hop Nite @ The Jinx
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Tuesdays just got a bit hotter.

It wasn't so long ago that a Tuesday night in Savannah was guaranteed to be laid back, maybe more laid back than you'd like even ---considering the whole venturing out for a good time thing. Okay maybe this was nearly a decade ago, but Tuesday is Tuesday and summer is summer.

You might have a hard time finding when something is not going on these days, but a midsummer nights tuesday might be a good blind guess. Allow me to ratify that with a royal nonesuch. Oh it's real, and if you Google it you'll probably come up with a book about a euro startup demolished by the Youtube behemoth.

But it's all about the inflection. Let me demonstrate. You: Quiet night? Me: Nonesuch THANG.

So keep the mantra folks. Tuesday is Tuesday and Summer is Summer. But now, say it like you MEAN it.

Hip Hop night, an underground institution at The Jinx is pretty much threatening to spill above ground. As a writer who focuses on underground music here, I can not chastise them enough.

Really fellas. Next thing you know I'll be waxing poetic about the synchronized dancing and arena atmosphere at the New Edition show. I kid.

But let me get poetic because that's what this is about. The underground aint dead. Lyrical prowess aint dead. Good times aint dead but that was obvious.

If it's a bit too fast for you just so, head on over to the poetry slam down the way and keep in mind the Jinx hosted Savannah's first poetry slam back in the day. Now, on what appears to be a casual Tuesday night, you will find in this venue Live Music, Mega-popular DJs, Freestyling, and the most skilled dancing you're gonna encounter out at the clubs.

Basik Lee doesn't disappoint and the cast of MCs is kinetic and enticing. It's nice to groove between the subtle differences in style you get with the dedicated open mic session and the artists who make it.

You wont just catch Basik on the ones and twos, he steps up from behind the boards and gets hype with the best. Also great to see the ladies keeping up with the fellas on the mic.

And remember, this vein of the underground sound is rooted in community so commit your best freestyle to memory and get on up there.

Before you can do that, though, you'll want to stand back just a bit. The B-Boys are in the house too and your head will be bobbin. You will in fact Groove. You will feel the uncanny force that birthed the form, because watching good breakdancing is guaranteed to make you want to dance.

Plenty of room and time for that. Yes, for those of you wondering, The live band does play together with the DJ spinning and the MCs freestyling. Whaleboat should 'get down' any night, they have the skill required. So much going on you might forget that's Basik in ya ear toastin thangs American style and keepin the night movin'.

The crowd at the Jinx is very enthusiastic and I hear it evolves into an all-out dance party later in the evening. The Jinx has been supporting the underground since the get go. If you haven't been in some time, you'll find it looks a li'l bit diff.

Yes that is your good neighborhood club on the forefront of the concert-promo-material-as-fine-art movement that is the talk of street art circles. In some cases, the work is appreciating faster than graffiti prints.

Take it all in, and enjoy the vibe. And you know what to say on hump-day when your coworker yawns a question about your night.

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