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'Swamp ghosts' in theme park exhibit
WA Albino Alligators - 1
Casper and Ivory are rare, albino American alligators that are on display at Valdosta's Wild Adventure Theme Park this summer. - photo by Photo provided.

This summer, two “swamp ghosts” will vacation at Wild Adventures Theme Park.

The Valdosta park hosts two rare albino American alligators, often referred to as “swamp ghosts,” in the renovated Alapaha Trail. The alligators, Casper and Ivory, measure approximately six feet, and are believed to be two of fewer than 100 in the world.

According to Cajun lore, staring into the eyes of a white alligator brings good luck and fortune. Casper and Ivory will be on exhibit at the park for only the summer.

The albino gators increase the number of new animals guests can see at Wild Adventures this season to 25. Earlier, the park added six exhibits and 23 animals. Wild Adventures has more than 400 animals including a one-horned rhino, an elephant, giraffes, lions, tigers and lemurs.

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