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Save a Life tour brings DUI into perspective, coincides with Marne Pride
Third Infantry Division Soldiers watch a digital film presentation during the anti DUI Save a Life tour at Newman Fitness Center, April 26. - photo by Elvia Kelly

A human body torn in half. Brain residue on asphalt. Crushed cars on the back of tractor trailers. Burnt victims. These images were just a few scenarios presented to Third Infantry Division Soldiers at the Fort Stewart ‘Save a Life’ tour, April 26.

The ‘Save a Life’ tour is an hour-long anti-DUI program which demonstrates the repercussions of driving while under the influence of alcohol. The Fort Stewart Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program coordinated the event to bring into perspective the realities of drunk driving.

“The ‘Save a Life’ tour is important for Soldiers because it raises awareness of drunk driving, which is a growing problem in the military community,” said Lucinda Johnson-Wallace, ASAP. “The tour gives a graphic picture, and the coffin is a realistic picture of the end result of drunk driving.”

After Soldiers in the 385th Military Police Battalion were recognized for being Marne Pride DUI free for more than 600 consecutive days recently, the anti-DUI program reflects that just one alcoholic beverage can be the difference between life and death.

“Everybody is hurt by the death or the accident of a drunk driver,” Johnson-Wallace said. “If everybody thought more of things they value and the loss that they can't get back, I think individuals would consider not drinking and driving. Life is too precious!”

The tour included an empty coffin, a drinking and driving simulator, which illustrated the effects of drunk driving, and a digital presentation.

“Not only is [driving under the influence] a safety hazard, but [drinking responsibly] is also a legal and moral obligation for people who are driving,” said Pfc. Joshua Parry, 3rd Sustainment Brigade, and a motorcyclist. “You not only are responsible for your life but for the people who are in your vehicle and other vehicles on the road.”

The tour correlates with the Marne Pride Pledge, added Johnson-Wallace. The Marne Pride Pledge is an anti-DUI promise signed by Soldiers and their commanders. Third Infantry Division Commander Maj. Gen. Robert “Abe” Abrams signed his pledge in 2011, kicking-off the Marne Pride Proclamation signings across Marne Division.

“The ‘Save a Life’ tour coincides with Marne Pride by providing reflection and obtaining a deeper commitment mentally and internally not to drink and drive,” she reflected.

The tour presents their production once a year, visiting Fort Stewart one day and Hunter Army Airfield another day.

For one final message, Pfc. Parry had this to say:

“Be aware of your surroundings,” he said. “It’s more so for motorcycles then it is for cars. You still have to be careful in a car, but it’s more dangerous on a motorcycle even with the best training . . . Drive soberly, and don’t be under the influence.” For more information about ASAP or ‘Save a Life,’ call 912-767-5974 for Stewart, 912-315-5592 for Hunter or visit or

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