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Storm surge and safety actions
Expected storm surge in middle Liberty County - photo by NOAA map
Storm surge is a rapid rise in the level of water that moves onto land as the eye of the storm makes landfall.
Generally speaking, the stronger the hurricane, the greater the storm surge.

Safety Actions
• Minimize the distance you must travel to reach a safe location; the further you drive, the higher the likelihood of encountering traffic congestion and other problems on the roadways.
• Select the nearest possible evacuation destination, preferably within your local area, and map out your route. Do not get on the road without a planned route or a place to go.
• Use the evacuation routes designated by authorities and, if possible, become familiar with your route by driving it before an evacuation order is issued.
• Contact your local emergency management office to register or get information regarding anyone in your household whom may require special assistance in order to evacuate.
• Prepare a separate pet plan; most public shelters do not accept pets.  
• Prepare your home prior to leaving by boarding up doors and windows, securing or moving indoors all yard objects, and turning off all utilities.
• Before leaving, fill your car with gas and withdraw extra money from the ATM.
• Take all prescription medicines and special medical items, such as glasses and diapers.
• If you live in an evacuation zone and are ordered to evacuate by state or local officials, do so as quickly as possible. Do not wait or delay your departure, to do so will only increase your chances of being stuck in traffic.
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