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Understanding evacuation orders
Liberty County residents are encouraged to know all the major routes that could be used for evacuation from Coastal Georgia. I-16 would be converted to all westbound traffic for mandatory evacuations.

If a hurricane is considered to be a serious threat to human life, local authorities may issue an evacuation order.
It is important to understand that a call for an evacuation is serious. Local EMAs will not call for a mandatory evacuation unless it is absolutely imperative.

Voluntary evacuation:
In this scenario, it’s best to leave the area. It is very likely that a hurricane will hit. This type of evacuation precedes a mandatory evacuation, and serves to get people moving to avoid the chaos of a mass exodus.
* Expect and plan for significantly longer travel times than normal during an evacuation.

Mandatory evacuation:
Anyone remaining in the area should leave immediately. Authorities will utilize all forms of media, including TV, radio, speakers on patrol cars, and even local signage, to get the word out and see that everyone evacuates. This type of evacuation will usually be called 18 hours prior to the onset of gale-force winds.

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