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11th hour plea to save scout camp
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Editor, On March 10, I was informed and later it was confirmed by Rep. Al Williams that the Boy Scout camp at Blue Heron (Riceboro) would be sold after the summer of 2007. Reportedly, the “highest bidder” for this property is the Hampton Island Preserve.
I have discussed this situation with both Rep. Williams and Liberty County Commissioner Donald Lovette. Why doesn’t the preservation society or development authority, with all its financial assets, buy the land then donate it to the state/federal government or even an organization such as the Nature Conservancy to be utilized as a park, wildlife management area or national wildlife area to be enjoyed by the youth and citizens of this area. This also will prevent the encroachment of possible future housing.
Many individuals and corporations have done just this act for future generations. Why not you? Think about it.

Joseph B. Stuart
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