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A distaste for government
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Dear editor: Why does the Obama government hate me? I was born and raised in a poor family. I was an average student in school. I dropped out of school and joined the Air Force and honorably served my country for 4 years. Afterward I got my GED and I went to college for 4 years at night while holding down a fulltime job. After graduation, I was employed in a career field I liked and worked my tail off to make a successful career.
I worked hard, paid my taxes, raised a family, abided by the laws of the land and lived the American dream. I love my country as it is the greatest place on earth to live. Now I see that evidently I did the wrong thing.
Obama wants everyone to be supported by or dependent on the federal government. Congress is a function of the White House representing its interests instead of the citizens who elected them. Terrorists and illegal aliens are treated as some special class of citizens whose rights supercede those of legal citizens. Obama exhorts his followers to divide the citizenry based on race or wealth. Our God-given rights are being stripped away by appointees of the President. All religions except Christianity are able to pray in schools. The U.S. Constitution is being treated as irrelevant to our modern society.
I am supposed to accept and support the fact that our country is being turned into a socialist or marxist state. I’m sorry, but I cannot and will not accept the ruination of our republic. Maybe that’s why the Obama government hates me.

Bill Jeffreys
Richmond Hill
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