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Abolish property taxes
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Editor, Abolish property taxes: Hey, I’ll vote for that.
Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson is forging ahead with this idea and I for one support him all the way.
The city of Rincon abolished property taxes in 1997. Garden City has not had property taxes for decades. Now Springfield is very close to abolishing property taxes.
Richardson is trying to convince our Governor to do away with property taxes state wide. Can you imagine this? Tag on extra taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, whatever, but give us all a break — right now, when people are losing their homes because they can’t afford to live in them any longer.
Write letters. Implore our governor to support this idea. SPLOST has paid for so many things, so let that still be in the picture. Just give us something to look forward to in our retirement. Quit taking our homes from us.

Dot Moss
Lake George
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