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Act of kindness leads to happy ending
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Cloey, now Tika, and one of her new owners in Florida - photo by Photo provided.

Editor, I was on my way to work a couple of weeks ago, all dressed in my professional attire, and I saw the most upsetting sight, a dog that looked more like a bag of bones than a dog.  I pulled over and got out, thinking..., I’m going to be late, and as soon I get out... she stops, turns and wags her tail.  It was love at first sight.  I see that she is obviously friendly and injured, not to mention starving. So what is a girl to do?
Get dirty, put her in the car and take her to Animal Control. I did not want to leave her there, but having no choice, due to work and the fact that I have four dogs already, I do. However, I report to them that she has an injury to her leg, thinking that they will take care of it, they don’t. Did you know that Liberty County Animal Control has no vet caring for the animals there?
It has haunted me ever since receiving this sad news and seeing the conditions there. Concrete floors and only fencing to keep them warm.
I came to see my rescue, now known as Cloey every day and doctored her leg the best I could.
On Saturday that week I met a wonderful young girl, Stephanie Brooks. She and her mother, Petra, are doing rescue work at the shelter and thank God for this ray of sunshine in this terrible place. Stephanie and Petra are the true angels in this story, as they take their own time and money to put these dogs on the Web to try to find homes for them before the “Dreaded Thursday” when these dogs are euthanized.
The Animal Control staff cooperated most days  I came to see about Cloey’s, leg but finally, I was told that the “Big Boss” might be upset to see me there and I could not doctor her any longer.
Again, what is a girl to do? I insisted that I be allowed to take her to a vet, which I did at my expense. Cloey was a mess. She had a fever and was infested with worms, ticks and had a uterine infection and then, of course, the leg wound that I had been doctoring.  After paying the bill and leaving the vet, I cried all the way back to the shelter,  knowing this was my only choice, but I am now armed with medication and vet instructions. At least now, I am getting better cooperation from the staff and I am assured that they will give the medications. I did insist that she at least get a blanket for the hard concrete floor she has to go back to. They give her one of the few blankets I saw there and I made sure it was the thickest one they had. A small victory.
The next day I am back to see her and this time I meet the “Big Boss.” I tell him the story of my rescue while he is looking at his watch the whole time, seeming to not be interested. Hello, isn’t this his job? Do you know how much the county pays him? So that day, no visit
Now I am upset because Thursday is coming.  I email Stephanie Brooks and get a call back right away. Cloey is going to a new home. She was to leave Saturday along with many other beautiful dogs that are being placed with different rescue groups out of Florida. These amazing people drive here, load them up and deliver them. Truly angels on Earth.
The staff at Animal Control did allow me an hour with Cloey before the angels arrived, heartbreaking and heartwarming all in one day.  I called Stephanie and Petra again the following day to check on Cloey and they got in touch with her new owners who were so nice to call me back immediately. It seems Cloey, now named Tika, made quite an impression on them and they are keeping her as a pet and not placing her elsewhere. Their 6-year-old daughter took right up with her and she now sleeps with her in her bed.
As Cloey, now Tika, reached out and grabbed my heart, she did it again and now has a forever home.
Please contact me for information about what you can do to help the animals that can not help themselves.

Cindy Lou Duvall
Stewart Realty

Editor’s note: The writer refers several times to the shelter, but the private Liberty County Humane Shelter is separate from the county‘s Animal Control.

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