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America, the misled
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Editor: It is unbelievable. An American president and his justice department are proudly, actively and openly supporting criminal organizations. Three of these criminal entities are: ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), the SEIU (Service Employees International Union, a labor union of Marxist and communist thugs) and the New Black Panthers, a group of criminal, white-hating hoodlums. And when speaking abroad, President Obama disparages America and apologizes for her history of liberating oppressed peoples.
Just last week, several of the leading global warming scientists whose research was central in the indictment of mankind as the cause of global warming have been exposed as frauds. Leaked e-mail messages between these corrupt scientists provide proof that they were falsifying global temperature data to support the hoax that they invented. One of the liars, Prof. Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit in the UK, has stepped down and is under investigation for fraud. Another liar, a professor at Penn State, Michael Mann, is also under investigation. Al Gore has canceled his Copenhagen lecture for this month. I wonder if Gore was duped or if he is complicit in the fraud.
Irrefutable evidence that man-made global warming was and is a hoax is being ignored by every American Democrat and liberal media news outlet in the world. That is not too surprising. Man-made global warming is one of the most powerful religions of the left, second only to abortion. And both must be defended at all costs (to the U.S. taxpayers, unborn children, and our constitutional freedoms.)
Our president will ignore the evidence and continue to promote man-made global warming. He sees this as his direct route to ultimate power. He is a soulmate of the most brutal dictators alive today (Fidel Castro of Cuba, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and that little rat in Iran.) President Obama would love to become a Fidel Castro in charge of a Marxist America.
I will never understand how so many Americans were duped by this awful man. Was it just because he is black? If so, political correctness has become a plague on America.
Will all of you who defended Mr. Obama in the past continue to support him and lie for him as he encourages and dismisses criminal activity against all who disagree with him?
You will eventually disagree with him on something and when he finds out, you will become his enemy.
The only people who live well in a Marxist/communist society are those at the very top. All underclass people give their entire existence to support their tyrannical leaders.

Al Teal
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