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Attention cat murderer: We know who you are
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Editor, To the person in Arlington Park who has so far poisoned four neighborhood cats, you are a coward and a low life.  
If you think there are too many cats near your house, you should have the decency to communicate your concerns with your neighbors rather than taking matters into your own hands and killing innocent animals.
Residents in our neighborhood are outraged and are not willing to risk another animal dying through your cruel methods. We know who you are and have decided to take a stand.
The next cat you poison will be handed over to the Department of Agriculture for an autopsy. Then the case will be reported to our local authorities for investigation, which will be easy since we can point them directly to you!
There are just enough of us to make sure this will not happen again. We just wanted to give you a "heads-up" so you can reconsider murdering another innocent cat.

Petra Brooks
Liberty County
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