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BI grad thinks coach was wronged
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Editor, I hope you will throw in another hoop on the subject of Coach Jones.
First, I have and will totally agree with the previous comments made by Mr. Semmes from Midway.
I was inclined to approach the slam-dunk approach, which the BoE has made. The score has to be the public's view and fairness of the accused.
Was it a personal call by Ms. Baker, or was it actually a "real" safety issue? If it were a safety issue, where were the other chaperones, chartering the so-called delinquents? (They can never do wrong in their parent's eyes). I personally know this for it being a fact because I am another statistic of an Atlanta mishap in 1978 at a function for Bradwell as a student. It was not the teacher's fault, but my own and I paid a price for that mistake. It almost caused me my own diploma. I know how kids are, and they need to be responsible for their "own" actions, not having parents running around a high school with a handkerchief wiping their noses every time they sneeze.
If the situations were true, and I believe the coach, if I were that parent I would make the troops walk the whole mile following behind them. Personally, I think the parents are responsible for the irresponsible nature and respect that their children have for them, and for society as well. The parents are the ones screaming the loudest about needing help with their "own" children. If those kids cannot be punctual, on time, and respectful they hold everyone else up and cause the whole team demerits.
Why is it the coach's fault for disciplining in the easiest most humane way? How are those kids going to learn right from wrong?
I did and I went further in life and have held a productive job and career for 25 years. From being disciplined and nurtured by my teachers, I thank them every day.
"So, why?" is the question I am asking Ms. Baker. She tells us because of the nature of the personnel file this is not a public matter, "open record." If something terrible happened, then it needs the public's input. Coach Jones is on public payroll, tax dollars are paying his salary, and he is working for the taxpayers.
Does Ms. Baker have a valid reason? If so, what is it? She was a coach/teacher at one point in her career. If anybody should know about discipline, it should be her. As a matter of fact, she pushed the same issue on the platform of her own campaign along with her colleagues.:
"There has to be discipline in the schools and parents need to understand that!"
Is Ms. Baker eager to push Coach Jones (who, by the way, has an astounding record for the school), to bring in someone "promised" a job? Remember, she made comments about her own daughter being rejected by the board, so as a parent is she retaliating against the system? Personally, I think Coach Jones deserves a better school, and I personally think there are districts that would like to have him as a coach. I personally know that if he were to go to the Midwest, he would be hired without any hesitation at all.
Voters, remember who you voted for. This is nothing compared to what is coming.
For Coach Jones, let the March madness be your win!

David Cochran
Bradwell 1978
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