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BoE should not have bought college campus
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Editor, Great, another ginormous building to maintain.  But it was purchased with “free money,” the #&@* SPLOST funds.
As I have said in the past, I’ll say again: Our elected officials are free and liberal with the SPLOST funds. Their continued feeling is that if it doesn’t come from the tax base then we (taxpayers) will not care how it is spent.
It seems a bit out of place to this reader that we go and buy a nice big old building that will be used for “a variety of school and community events” at the same time we are furloughing teachers because of lack of funds. I would think that $2,000,000 in the right spot would go a long way to raise the standard of education in our school district.
Guess we are stuck with it. So the first community event that comes to my mind is the annual pilgrimage to $t $imons Island.
And, I have also noted that this little deal seems to have been pulled off in the dark of the night. I saw or heard nothing of it until I opened my newspaper. It is just unimaginable to me that in this period of downtrodden economy we go out and spend that kind money for something that is just nice to have and not something we need.
This is Liberty County, Ga., not Beverly Hills, Calif.
Joe Gillam
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