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City, police do some things right
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I read Mayor Thomas’s June 6 letter to the Coastal Courier. I realize there are times when Mayor Thomas, council member Anderson and I have disagreed on certain issues, but I support the Hinesville Police Department’s Crime Suppression Unit.

The police open and close the gate each day and night to Irene B. Thomas Park near my home, and I have always found them to be professional and helpful. I always welcome them along with "Ol’ Yeller," who has in the past helped solve criminal activity where I live.

On another note, I would like to thank CSM Ashmen of Fort Stewart. At the American Legion Memorial Day luncheon, we discussed off-post blight and his response was swift and successful. Blight and crime, they do go together!

I read a comment in the Coastal Courier several years ago that stated [because] the city council was enacting more and more quality-of-life ordinances, we would eventually look like Hilton Head. I have slept, eaten, watched and played golf there, and what’s wrong with Hilton Head?


— Joseph B. Stuart


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