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Cleanup should extend beyond homes
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Editor, The Coastal Courier had a good article on spring-cleaning efforts throughout the city and county. If you travel around the county, you will find unoccupied, run down homes in certain areas where this issue needs to be addressed.
I live on Maple Drive North and we have had the problems forever. We had addressed concerns regarding the furniture store, Dollar Store, bus station and sign shop.
As I write this, there is a pile of broken furniture and mattresses lying in the ditch. The stores have dumpsters and there should be no reason why these businesses paint a bad picture of our neighborhood.
There is an ongoing problem with the ditch area behind our property as well.   
People are always questioning me if I plan to do anything about my ditch. First of all, it is not my personal ditch; I do not own it. Everyone has to take a stand and demand action.
If you have ordinances that are not being obeyed, some corrective action needs to take place.
There are empty building spaces next to the Dollar Store that have been vacant since they were constructed. People coming to Hinesville by way of bus travel see these as they stand out like a sore thumb and it may influence their decision to reside here.
OMI has workers who maintain the “so-called” historic trail, paved sidewalks, lights, sprinkler system and landscape on a daily basis.
Unlike the incident at Walter Reed where commanders were relieved of duty for various reasons, we, as citizens, can relieve through our votes those who have not represented us from the White House to the city council.

Joe L. Scott
1SG USA (retired)
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