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Congratulating President-elect Obama
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Editor, I congratulate President-elect Barack Obama on his victory and on his unique place in history. I will disagree with him on occasion and share my views in my letters to this newspaper. I wish him success in solving the economic crisis and maintaining our national security.
But, we cannot afford to give President Obama a free pass to do anything without criticism for fear of being called racists. I didn’t and don’t consider race in electing government leaders. I didn’t trust John McCain, but I voted for him because Obama has a very outspoken, far-left liberal agenda. He intends to raise taxes on millions of middle class Americans and increase government spending exponentially.
If a conservative black candidate runs against any white (or any race) liberal, I will vote for the conservative black candidate. I don’t know how many of you will remember Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, the late conservative Democrat from Texas. I would have voted for her and for many other black conservative candidates over John McCain.
God bless America and God bless our soon-to-be commander in chief

Al Teal
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